Was the Russian Metrojet plane shot down by Israeli or American missile during “Blue Flag 2015” exercises?


November 3, 2015

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Israel Shamir

Translated by Kristina Rus

Could a missile fired by Israeli or American plane shoot down A321?

Aerial duels were conducted near the Egyptian border, along Metrojet flight path

Israeli and Western bloggers are linking the plane crash “Metrojet-9268” to “Blue Flag 2015” air exercises conducted in the area of the crash. These are the largest exercises of the Israeli air force with participation of the U.S. Air Force, Poland and Greece.

Israeli and American planes simulated air duels, simulated fighting two dozens kilometers from the crash site of the Russian aircraft. The exercises were based at Ovda airport, 70 km from Eilat and close to the Egyptian border, along which Metrojet flew.

This fact should be taken into account in the analysis of the crash of 9268. The Russian plane was flying at such a height that it could not be shot down by the Sinai militants. But whether to rule out an accidental strike by missiles fired from Israeli or American aircraft – let the experts respond to this question.

Metrojet – 9268 is not the first passenger plane crashed over the Sinai desert. In February 1973 the Israeli air force shot down a Libyan passenger airliner, which due to a strong sand storm have gone astray. It did not help the liner that it was flying directly West, towards Cairo, and not Israel. It was still hit, killing 108 of 113 people on board. The then Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir congratulated the commander of the Israeli air force with the achievement. Israel has still not apologized about civilians killed. No one was punished.

Ravid Gor, Russian Israeli journalist, has analyzed the current response of Russian Israelis to the collapse of Metrojet and called it “trolls dancing on the blood”. Commenters reacted with joy to news that the Israeli army striked the armed forces of Syria, which are defended by the Russian military-space forces.

Yet it is difficult to assume that the plane was shot down deliberately.

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