“What will Russia do?” The world awaits in suspense – Zhilin


November 24th, 2015 – 

Life News – By: Alexander
Zhilin, Colonel of the Russian Federation, military expert and  blogger –

Translated for Fort Russ by: Inessa Sinchougova – 

Russia has suffered
its first loss of life in Syria. The initial version of the incident as described
by the Ministry of Defence, suggests that the SU-24 jet was attacked from the


Experts soon affiliated the incident
to reports from earlier this week that, on Washington’s orders, non-portable
air defence systems  were delivered to
ISIS from the Ukraine.  I need to draw
your attention to the fact that portable air defence systems cannot target an
aircraft at the given altitude of 6,000 metres. 

Therefore, if confirmed that
the jet was indeed attacked from the ground, it would suggest the use of these
Ukrainian-delivered systems.

A little later it was reported that the jet was taken down by the
Turkish F-16 fighter jet. Turkey is focusing the world’s attention on the supposition
that the Russian jet had encroached on its airspace.

In the event of a violation of airspace, there are military protocols
which seek to mitigate behaviors of the country whose airspace has been
violated, as well as the intruding aircraft. Warning jets are deployed to
establish contact with the foreign aircraft, ensuring their full visibility (given
the possibility of a failure of navigation or control equipment aboard the foreign

This aircraft is then accompanied out of the said airspace, sometimes
landing in the host-nation’s aerodrome. If the offending aircraft continues on
its flight path into foreign airspace, ‘friendly fire’ is permissible to serve
as a warning to the crew of the aircraft. An attack against the aircraft itself
is a last resort action of self – defense, having established the intent of the

None of the preliminary steps were carried out by Turkey. The attack was
sudden, without warning, and according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, took
place over Syrian airspace.

What could be the motives of Turkey, as a Member of NATO?  Turkey is on the side of ISIS in this war,
with their efforts aimed against the Kurds. 
Secondly, Turkey benefits from huge amounts of cheap oil extracted and
sold by ISIS. Thirdly, Turkey is a member of NATO is entirely under the
influence of the US.

This leads me to my
next point; what was our SU-24 doing at the time of the attack? It was bombing
a column of oil trucks, on their way to Turkey.  Effectively, it was burning said “petro-dollars”
from the sale of illegal oil. The movements of these columns are controlled by
the CIA through their people within ISIS.

It has not been very
long at all since our military activity started to impact these business
dealings.  The first to do this were actually
the French, followed by the attacks on Paris. Russia then intensified its efforts
in targeting this money supply, having now suffered the loss of our aircraft.

Now let me take you
back to the recent rhetoric of John Kerry that “Russia is soon to see its
aircraft falling out of the sky.”

This attack has one
major motive. Take a look at what happened immediately after the incident;
Turkey has initiated, on advice of the US, a meeting between the heads of NATO
states. This is an attempt to throw into disarray the apparent warming of
relations between Russia, France, and possibly Germany – the anti-ISIS coalition.
Allowing this coalition to flourish would be akin to suicide for Washington.
This is why the operation to disengage the EU from Russia has been so quick,
despite the mutual fight against international terrorism. International
terrorism is consistently used as a foreign policy pawn on behalf of the United

What will Russia do in
this situation? It must support its allies. 
For example, the Kurds may mysteriously obtain the ability to target and
significantly impact Turkish /coalition aircraft in Syria, while the Syrian
army may obtain non-nuclear weapons of retaliation.

And finally, we must
cease the significant flow of our tourists to a country that sides with

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