Yatsenyuk’s deputy hit Timoshenko’s deputy on the head with a bottle at the Ukrainian parliament


November 6, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

A fight broke out between the deputy/volunteer battalion commander, Andrei Tetruk (elected from the People’s front of Arseniy Yatsenyuk) and deputy Alexandra Kuzhel (from Batkivshchyna of Yulia Tymoshenko) in Verkhovnaya Rada of Ukraine. A former participant of the ATO  hit a female colleague on the head with a bottle during the discussion after the meeting of parliament.

Andrey Teteruk

Press-service of “Batkivshchina” reported the incident:

“A shameful incident took place after the plenary session, right next to the reception room of the head of the Verkhovna Rada, in the presence of other deputies.

According to a witness, people’s deputy Sergey Vlasenko, Teteruk made offensive remarks about members of the faction “Batkivshchyna”, personally grossly insulted Alexandra Kuzhel and hit her on the head with a glass bottle.

According to Vlasenko, deputies present had no time to react to prevent an attack on the colleague.

Another witness of the incident, MP from  “Batkivshchyna,” Vadim Ivchenko said that Alexandra Kuzhel is in bad shape – the ambulance doctors diagnosed a concussion.

As reported by Ivchenko, the police questioned witnesses of the incident, including people’s deputies Stepan Kubiv, Sergey Vlasenko, Sergey Yevtushko and Andrey Teteruk”, — stated the report.

Teteruk has already issued a public apology.

“The course of events can be terribly unpredictable. While chatting with Alexandra Kuzhel a conflict occurred accidentally, for which I publicly apologize.
Believe me, despite the emotions that are raging today, I am sincerely sorry,” – wrote Teteruk on Facebook.

As reported by “Politnavigator”, not so long ago Alexandra Kuzhel appeared on TV screens looking much younger — probably after plastic surgery.

KR: America, these commanders with raging emotions need your help with more serious weapons, then glass bottles!

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