Zhirinovsky proposes to drop a nuclear bomb on the Strait of Bosphorus (Video)


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

27th November, 2015


Liberal Democratic Party of Russia leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky has proposed to crush Turkey via a nuclear missile strike. This is according to the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

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“Istanbul is very easy to destroy: just one nuclear bomb in the Strait of Bosphorus, and it will wash away. It will be such a terrible flood, the water column will rise 10-15 meters, and the city will not be there any more, and there are 9 million lives in that city”, — said the leader of the liberal Democrats.

According to the party’s leader, Turkey’s allies in NATO will not interfere, “they don’t want to die in a nuclear fire”. Zhirinovsky noted that currently Turkey is the number one enemy for Russia.

The politician also believes that the top Turkish leadership figures, including the President, Prime Minister and the General staff, are “furious”. “They don’t know what will happen. If I was in their place now I’d be afraid of a crushing blow on Turkey. One stupid action of the President, and the country in general could cease to be”, — said Zhirinovsky.

Russian-Turkish relations have seriously deteriorated after the Turkish air force, on November 24, shot down, over the territory of Syria, a su-24 bomber. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, when first commenting on the destruction of the aircraft, promised serious consequences for relations between Moscow and Ankara. Later that same day, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov cancelled his scheduled visit to Istanbul for the 25th November, with the Russian foreign Ministry recommending its citizens to not visit Turkey. In addition, the Russian government, according to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, developed a set of economic measures in response to an act of aggression by Turkey.

A Russian frontline su-24 bomber from the Russian air group in Syria was shot down by Turkish F-16 fighter jets on 24th November. The plane crashed in Northern Syria near the border with Turkey, with the commander of crew Oleg Peshkov being shot dead, however, the navigator was saved.

In Ankara, meanwhile, the claim remains that the plane was attacked after it violated the country’s airspace. Turkish authorities say that the pilot was allegedly issued 10 warnings.

[Editorial note:

“As our readers understand, the vast majority of the works we publish and translate are because of their news-worthiness, their analytic value (even if its just to know what others are saying and thinking), and chiefly of course, to expose Anglophonic audiences the words writings, and ideas of politicians, lawmakers, advocates, and bloggers from across Eurasia. 

Given the nature of this statement from Zhirnovsky, the editors felt it appropriate to remind our readers of our mission statement.  We publish this because Mr. Zhirinovsky is a major political figure in Russia, leading one of the main political parties in the Duma, the LDPR – Liberal Democratic Party of Russia.  The party has 56 seats in the 450 seat Duma.  They hold about 8% of the seats in the Regional Parliament (about 212 seats). What he says and thinks always is noticed, and indeed has an impact on the Russian perspective.

If anything, given the weight of his perspective, we can see that the course that the Putin administration has carved out is much more moderate, responsible, and of course legal in terms of international law and human rights. “]

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