Boris Mezhuev: By flirting with ISIS, Erdogan threatens the entire Euro-Atlantic region


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

2nd December, 2015

According to experts, today the security of the entire region is under threat.

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“It really now is a question of Euro-Atlantic security. Because the security of the entire region, the Mediterranean – it is now under threat because of the actions of one person specifically” – said political analyst Boris Mezhuev, commenting on the policies of President Erdogan.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Defense Ministry, during a briefing, showed evidence that the Turkish authorities are buying oil from the militants of ISIS.  As proof, the Russian agency showed a video from the drones and some satellite photographs, which shows the entire journey of illegal movement of oil.

[See the briefing here: ISIS makes $2 billion a year from oil trade with Turkish elites, including Erdogan’s family (video of MOD briefing)]

Before that, Erdogan said he would resign if such evidence  is ever provided.

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