Crimea to pull through energy crisis and blockade; “blackmail” attempt turns against Kiev


December 7, 2015 –

Svyatoslav Knyazev, PolitRussia – 

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski

“Different aspects of the truth of the energy-blockade of Crimea”

The energy-blockade of Crimea has been breached, and I would like to congratulate the residents of Crimea and Sevastopol on this. For the huge peninsula, ten days without light was less than ideal, unlike how some journalists portrayed it, but this time has nonetheless yielded a strictly opposite effect than the one expected by our enemies. So how has it been? And what now?

The TASS report was music to the ears of every Crimean, and a favorite music. The agency quoted the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin: 

“Now we are launching the first circuit, and there is a lot of new equipment that is being used, therefore we still need to adjust things. And we should warn consumers, the residents of Crimea, that some glitches are still possible. But overall, the first circuit should work properly, that is 200 MW…I hope that before December 20, or even a bit earlier, at least by the 15th, that the second circuit will be launched, and this will be more than 400 MW…I would like to request that this be done as soon as possible so that, maybe, even before preparations for the summer season, there will be yet another 400MW in May. In doing so we will have fully replaced the supply of electricity from Ukraine.”

What does this mean in practice?

In mid November, Crimea will generate around 350 MW on its own. The consumption of the peninsula during the warmer period is about 800 (that is, 450 MW is not enough). During a harsh frost, consumption can rise to up to 1200-1300 MW.

As of November 30, with all of the additional capacity brought in from the mainland, the peninsula generated 550 MW. However, it must be confessed that this was only with difficulty. But it generated it. Now, two more large energy connections are on their way. When they will arrive in Crimea from the Far East, they will give an additional 50 M. The total will be 600.

If to these 600 we add 400 MW from the first part of the power bridge (which Crimea will receive around December 15), then this will already be 1000 MW. This suggests that Crimeans will only have serious problems with electricity after the New Year during the frost. But from May 2016, any problems with electricity will be taken care of. In any case, that which happened from November 22 to December 2, 2015 can be forgotten like a terrible dream. 

And there is something to forget about. Some media even wrote that Crimeans rejoiced over the disconnection, that they relaxed, socialized with fiends, and grilled kebab. In fact, of course, this is not the case. A significant number of enterprises on the peninsula stopped working. And if people working for the state could afford to look at what happened philosophically, then those working “for themselves” could not. They were “guilty of nothing” but were “punished in terms of rubles.” Those who are engaged in the production and trade of perishable products had an especially hard time. Those from this category are not far from bankruptcy. A huge amount of food deteriorated in warehouses and stores. Almost everyone had to throw out food products. Rarely did a family not have to throw out spoiled food products from idle refrigerators.

Others were just as “lucky.” The life of owners of electric cookers and boilers was trashed. They were left without any of the blessings of civilization (central heating was off, and boilers didn’t work for the majority of people for obvious reasons).

Moreover, in Kerch and also some other cities and towns in the north of the peninsula, there was essentially no light for 5-7 days.

In other cities, electricity was parceled out to the population at first for 3 -6 hours. Then from 2 – 6 hours. Then from 5 hours per day (in two servings). You can imagine how “joyful” things were. If, for example, in Sevastopol mobile communications worked intermittently at best, but nonetheless worked, than in the north of Crimea they almost disappeared in some places.

In general, entire cities were without light, without the possibility of storing and preparing food, and without heat and energy all at the same time. On the peninsula, accidents at non-working traffic lights and streets without lighting, which ultimately cost human lives, increased. Muggings became more frequent. 

A narrow but very quirky layer of entrepreneurs who profited from the sale of generators, lanterns,and candles quickly formed. 1000-1500 rubles were being asked for Chinese flashlights and candles for 100 rubles or more. And people bought them because there simply was no other choice.

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So there were problems but, nonetheless, the actions of Ukraine yielded, as mentioned above, the opposite effect of what “pseudo-activists” hoped for.

Why are we writing “the actions of Ukraine”, you ask? After all, the power lines were officially felled by “independent” extremists. But does anyone really believe that a few hundred drunk and insane people in an open field, without the approval of the state, could commit such a “whole package” of serious crimes?

The blockade included blocking highways, the destruction of property, terrorism, and sabotage. And, most importantly, an attempt at genocide. After all, the organizers of the blockade do not even hide that they want to starve millions of people with hunger and cold.

Whey then, despite the apparent illegality of the actions of the “activists” on the border with Crimea, did the police only “cuff them” once? Why did they not disperse them with equipment and water cannons? I’m not even talking about why in this case Kiev doesn’t act against real socially dangerous criminals and terrorists with the same methods that it uses in Donbass. 

Instead, Kiev has buzied itself since September with the purchases of Russian gas from Slovakia and in October it disconnected itself from the Russian grid. The only conclusion is that Kiev did everything on purpose and thoroughly prepared for this. There is every reason to believe that the Kiev regime bore responsibility for these crimes just like all those who support the regime in principle and the blockade in particular.

So what did they want to achieve? Who organized the blockade? Did they want Crimeans to suddenly become disappointed with Russia, give up on building a power bridge, and throw themselves into the arms of Ukraine which left them without light? Only an insane person could count on this. On the contrary, it is fully expectable that a huge number of Crimeans changed their attitude towards Ukraine from irony to well-deserved, outright hatred…

The energy-infrastructure attack on Crimea coincided, firstly, with attempts by Kiev to refuse to pay 3 billion in debt and, secondly, attempts to beg “chocolate” conditions for energy purchases, and, thirdly, with Turkish-American provocations against Russia in the Middle East.

How has it in fact turned out? 

No one forgave Kiev for its 3 billion. Moreover, Moscow put its “Western partners” in a very awkward situation, no one of whom gave formal guarantees for payments. And the IMF, out of fear, officially recognized the sovereign debt of Ukraine and refused the next loan to Kiev. 

The DPR already ceased coal shipments to Ukraine. According to media reports, Russia has already or will soon follow. And after Kiev defiantly refused to prepay for gas, instead of negotiations, the valve was simply turned off.

Ukraine has already lost hundreds of millions which it received for supplying Crimea with electricity and billions which Ukrainian enterprises made in food, building materials, and furniture. And no alternative markets have been found. European consumers are not interested in Ukrainian goods and, despite a free trade zone, are buying even less of them. 

But this is not even the main point. About a week ago, Yatsenyuk sounded the alarm and stated that Ukraine does not have enough coal for the winter. And then the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine let out a cry. Its officials have let everyone know that the situation is even worse than Yatsenyuk suggested. 

The point is that, due to the damage of the power lines, Kiev was forced to drastically reduce production at its power plants, and now it can’t compensate for this….If Russia does not forgive Ukraine for its antics, then Ukraine itself will learn what an energy blockade, only on a much larger scale, means. The only difference is that the Crimeans had someone to help them, but help for Ukrainians will come from nowhere.

Rather, they can help themselves. The secret to success is simple: regain sanity, abandon Nazism, and, once and for all, take one’s tongue off of Europe and America’s boots. I would love for the compassionate Russian government to not make the same mistake as last year, when out of the goodness of its heart and for the sake of ordinary Ukrainians it extended the existence of the cannibalistic Nazi regime. It’s time to face the issue head on.

The misfortune of Crimeans in the dark is the best proof that Ukraine does not appreciate the kindness of Russia. So it’s time to make them feel the real contrast. Some diseases are best treated with shock therapy. It would be desirable that this be felt not by the residents of the South-East practically occupied by Kiev, but the center and west of Ukraine, where the majority of the population supports the war in Donbass and the blockade of Crimea…

P.S. Still, I would like to finish on an optimistic note. A comrade from Sevastopol has shared a funny observation. On the second or third day of the energy-blockade, he drew attention to the fact that a flock of ten-year old boys played outside with toy guns. He had never seen them before. Where did so many come from? What happened? And then he realized that their opportunity to play computer games disappeared along with the electricity! So the kids are discovering how to play in real life. Maybe they like it more? At lease there is some benefit from the blockade…

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