Does the FSA exist? Syrian citizens have their say (Video)


Fort Russ – 13th December, 2015

Video translated by ANA PRESS

“In a televised interview, Mohammad al Jolani said that there is no such thing as the Free Syrian Army. This was a video survey done randomly the following day on the 13th of December 2015. Citizens were asked their opinion or response to this claim.”

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[O.R: This video could well be a ‘set-up’, or it could be geniune. Either way, it is important to study these ‘test balloons’ that are released into the atmosphere to gauge the status of the information war at any given moment.]

The topic of the FSA is a complex one, as it involves chains of proxies. Fort Russ leans towards the opinion that the name ‘FSA’, USA’s original conduit to smuggle ISIS weapons, has been exploited by Russia to send their own Spec Ops in. Of course, America uses the ‘FSA’ name for this same purpose.]

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