DPR lieutenant: Mariupol, Zaporozhye, and Dnepropetrovsk are ready for us


December 1, 2015 –

Yurii Kovalchuk, PolitNavigator

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski

“Militaman: we will hold our own elections in Mariupol”

While Ukrainian nationalists in Kiev are grieving over the results of elections in Mariupol, militiamen in Donetsk are convinced that this is a strategically important city of the DPR which will soon come back under the control of the republic, reports a correspondent of “PolitNavigator.”

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“In essence, people were given no alternative, and they were forced either to ignore elections or vote for the lesser of two evils. Although I’m sure that if the residents of Mariupol had an opportunity to vote for the republic, many would speak in support of Novorossiya,” a lieutenant of the first army corps of the DPR with the call-sign “Danila” claims.

“People are tired of war. Here in Donetsk many are already dreaming about reaching peace as soon as possible. But those who live in Mariupol, and we continue to communicate very closely with supporters of Novorossiya in this city, understand that there will be no peace in Ukraine. They understand that the militia will return to this city because it is part of Donbass and is a strategic and industrial point. And they understand that the residents of Novorossiya will already live a peaceful life and restore their land while Ukraine will gradually sink into more chaos and civil war,” the fighter says.

Danila believes that Mariupol can be liberated during the next campaign: “No one can tell you the exact date, but you see how rapidly and dramatically everything happens in this war. Now we are engaged in strengthening the armed forces in anticipation of when will we have an opportunity to kick out the invaders from Donbass. But Kiev is clearly preparing for a another round of war. This is evidenced by the amount of equipment which they are now deploying to the demarcation line. Our intelligence reports that columns of Grad’s, tanks, and other equipment arrive in Mariupol every day. Clearly, this has a purpose.

I dont’ believe that this war, at least in its hottest part, can last a long time. Kiev simply has no resources for this. Last year, before the winter, mass defections began in Ukraine. this year, the situation is even worse. At home they have hungry wives and children and have two lost campaigns with enormous casualties under their belt as well as a long winter ahead of them which they could spend in an open field. That what is possible to loot has already been looted. If Kiev does not throw them into battle, then soldiers will start to flee en masse to Russia or move to our side. 

Therefore, there is everything that we need for Kiev to violate the conditions of Minsk. Our army is fully ready, our fights are eagerly waiting to meet the “liberators” so as to firstly keep the pressure on them, and then we’ll drive them all the way to Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk. And then we will hold our elections. People are already not letting gunpoint force them to give up their votes, and they don’t fear that tomorrow they will be accused of separatism,” Danila says. 

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