Dremov was warned prior to his death an assassination attempt was coming


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

13th December, 2015


The commander of 6th separate motorized infantry Cossack regiment of the people’s militia of LPR, Pavel Dremov, knew about the assassination attempt and was preparing for it. Regarding a possible attack a few days before the tragedy, the commander was warned by the head of the Kazachye National Guard, Nikolai Kozitsyn. In an interview with TV channel “ARTV” the Cossack ataman said that he personally talked to Dremov about preparing for an attempt, but he did not take the warning properly.

“Just a week ago we met in St. Petersburg, I was at his wedding. I talked to him, and I warned him, because I had information. I was given information that he was to be assassinated in four or five days”, – said the head of the “Cossack national guard” Nikolai Kozitsyn. 

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He also said that the car in which the bomb was planted was given to Dremova shortly before the tragedy. 

“The enemies are resorting to cowardly methods of murder. I am told that the car he was given already had the bomb installed in it. So I think we will have to be more vigilant in future,” said Kozitsyn. 

The murder of the commander of the Cossack regiment took place on Saturday 12 December. The car exploded and killed Dremov and his driver on the road between Pervomaisk and Stakhanov, near the settlement of Irmino. 

As was stated by the state office of the public Prosecutor of the LPR, Dremov was killed in the explosion,  which was caused by a pre-planted device in his car.

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