Erdogan unmasked: “suicide” at the bridge was a re-make of the Frank Capra film “It’s a Wonderful Life”


Russian Spring, December 29, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter, December 30, 2015

Original headline: Erdogan unmasked: suicide, which the Turkish president saved, was an agent of the security services (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Recently the world media had spread the news of the miraculous salvation of a suicide due to the President of Turkey. The Daily Sabah edition published a video in which Erdogan stopped his motorcade (which was on its way to Friday prayers in the mosque) to save a man who was about to jump.

The president’s aides told the man that he wanted to talk to him and then brought him to the Mercedes Erdogan was riding in. In the footage we see the suicidist soon talking with the Turkish leader, who makes a few phone calls on a golden late-model iPhone. After that, man kisses Erdogan’s hand.

It was reported in the news that the man was about to commit suicide because of family problems, and that Erdogan promised to solve these problems. The story was published on 25 December on Christmas — drawn on the Christmas story in the spirit of Charles Dickens. However, later it turned out that the failed suicidist is a senior Turkish intelligence agent. Some Turkish media and some bloggers published pictures of him. This means that the Turkish version of “A Christmas Carol” smacks of a theater production.

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But it is worthwhile to pay tribute to the organizers of the show: if they had chosen а less “illustrious” actor for the role of a suicide, it could have entered the annals of Turkish history.

Also, users of social networks rightly ask: “But is Erdogan always accompanied by a crowd of journalists, or they are in the right place only during meetings with suicide?” “Well, yes, journalistswere ready on the bridge quite by accident.”

Is that a bungee cable, in case he actually slips?

And who sponsored this “great theater”? Suspicion arises among social network users: Considering that during the conversation, Erdogan has consistently demonstrated iPhone in his hand, the sponsor of the show may be the company Apple, so to arrange large-scale product placement advertising. Curious reaction of the international segment of YouTube – that’s the most popular English-language commentary on primary sources — on the published video:

“Oh, just another idea! “The Turkeywood Production” in 2015 … ” 

“Erdogan’s next focus will have to be walking on water … What a circus! Even the Turks aren’t so stupid (wordplay in original) as to to believe this ” 

“Dear President, I will ask our Prime Minister of Japan to establish new relationships with you, to save the lives of our kamikazis”

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