Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Called Poroshenko A “Windbag”


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

25th December, 2015

Anna News

The former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mykola Azarov, commented on the speech of the President of Ukraine Poroshenko during his visit to Israel, calling his speech before the Israeli Knesset a set of phrases devoid of meaning and value.

The Ukrainian President this week staged a two-day visit to Israel, where he performed in front of the local Parliament. There he stated that “Jews as a nation were direct participants in the creation” of Ukraine. While speaking in the Knesset, the President said it is a sign of respect and honor not only to himself but also to the “brothers of Ukraine  the people of Israel”.

“It is shameful for Ukraine. The speech was deprived of meaning and the meanings of the phrases were lies, bragging and cynical. Therefore they are not subject to analysis,” Azarov wrote  on his page on Facebook.

The ex-Premier of Ukraine noted that during his speech, Poroshenko said that he could remember “the words of this famous “Cyborg” warrior,  Eugene Podolianchuk, who “died in January of this year in Donetsk airport”, however, as noted by Azarov, the words of the Ukrainian leader showed he could not.

“Previously, these sorts of people were called a ‘Windbag’, which is a very precise definition characterized by his reference to “about half a million Ukrainians living in Ukraine,” but this pearl is already on Twitter. No comment,” said Azarov.


Other Poroshenko quotes from the visit:

“Today, Ukraine is a stronghold for democracy in eastern Europe as Israel is a stronghold in the Middle East.”

“When evil prevails in one place it wants revenge in another place. We need to reach cooperation and unite our powers so that also in Israel, politicians will clarify better their position towards Ukraine.”

We are fighting against the Russian aggression and we are a free country. Today we are protecting our democratic regime, we want to determine our future on our own.” 

Knesset Part 1:

Knesset Part 2:

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Knesset Part 3:

Knesset Part 4:

Poroshenko near Western Wall:

Poroshenko in Yad Vashem:

Poroshenko speech before Olive Tree planting:

Ukrainian song in Israeli President’s home:

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