German Russophobe TV spits into the wind

German channel ZDF’s concept of a Russian soldier…

Úlfdís Haraldsdóttir
In DONiPRESS, December 25, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter

[Original title: Chronicles of standard propaganda: German channel ZDF caught with both hands in the cookie jar]

German public broadcaster ZDF thought they would increase viewership with their documentary on the President of the Russian Federation “Strongman, Putin.” But spitting on the Russian President is passé. 

Not only was the documentary a flop, but in addition, it has led to harsh criticism about the lies it is full of. By trying to do too much, ZDF ended up seeing this film boomerang. In addition to truncated quotations, and suspicious parallels between the Vladimir Putin’s support of Assad and views of bloodied corpses under sheets, ZDF went even further by using the ongoing conflict in the Donbass to support its remarks. And what better way to pass Putin off as a dictator than to make him take on the role of the invader in Ukraine?

To smear Russian President the ZDF “journalists” (if we can still call them journalists) do not hesitate to fake reality, or even to invent it when it does not correspond to their wishes. And after watching some extracts of this documentary, we say that some people make documentaries the way other people make science fiction movies. 

But the movie of channel Z … It begins with a scene of flames, destruction, and bombings — attributed of course to the Russian army. But there is a problem. Focus in on the filmed soldiers; Okay, what’s that flag on their shoulder?…

The flag of Ukraine.

And this is not the first time ZDF has been caught producing this kind of falsification. This same channel had aired the story of a Russian journalist at Uglegorsk (in the region of Donetsk) in the positions of the popular militias, and passing it off as a report by Ukrainian journalists under fire from the popular militias.

But we continue. Then comes the testimony of a so-called Russian soldier fighting in the Donbass. The so-called “Igor”, whose real name is actually Yuri Labyskin. The Rossia channel found him! 

This is actually an unemployed man from Kaliningrad, who could no longer pay his bills, and agreed to play the role of the Russian soldier in the Donbass in exchange for 50,000 rubles (about € 650). The poor man, who was never even in the army, had to practice for several days and take notes before going on camera. Even so, his performance is sorely lacking in credibility.

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The German expert had to show him how to hold his weapon and and how to gesture with it. 

Sometimes even blowing his lines on camera, because Yuri is unfortunately a bad actor. They even hired a young woman with her baby for a few hours in exchange for 2000-3000 rubles (€ 30-40) to pass them off as the wife and child that “Igor” is supposed to have left behind for the love of the motherland — and a salary of 25,000 rubles (€ 325) per month. (A salary undreamed of by the soldiers, the real ones, of the armed forces of the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.)

The apotheosis is reached at the Russian Army recruitment office where Yuri is said to have signed up. The journalist from the Rossiya channel enters, with hidden camera. The recruiter’s reply to his request to sign up to fight in the Donbass is crystal clear: “Huh? Donbass? You come here to serve as mercenary? Where do you think you are, Blackwater? or something like it? There are no units for the Donbass. Who told you such nonsense?” 

One wonders …
Watch the video. Select subtitles. 

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