He claimed responsibility for shooting down the Russian A321 over Sinai, and now he’s gone


Warfiles.ru, December 23, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter, December 24, 2015

Vesti FM: the terrorist who claimed responsibility for the downing of A321 has been annihilated. 

The terrorist Abu Musabi [Shabi al-Manai], who took responsibility for the destruction of the Russian aircraft A321, flight 7K9268 from Egypt to St Petersburg, has been killed. This was reported by Andrei Popov, “Vesti FM” correspondent in Cairo.

Popov: The Egyptian Air Force has eliminated Abu Masabi, the leader of the terrorist organization in the Sinai Peninsula, south of Rafah. It is near the very place the remnants of the fallen Russian plane. According to eyewitnesses, the Egyptian air force helicopter gunships launched a series of attacks on the gathering of militants who were in the village of El-Ugra.

Abu Musabi, the leader of the group, tried to escape by car, but was stopped by a rocket direct hit. 

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According to the Egyptian air force, together with the head of the organization at least another 10 extremists were also killed.

With regard to Abu Musabi, though he is known to have come from a Sinai tribe, yet he was born in Amman from an Egyptian father and a Palestinian mother. Already in 2005, when he was still very young, he was suspected to be a member of the extremist network “Al-Tawhid wal-Jihad” (“Monotheism and Jihad”) organization operating in the Palestinian territories.

Musab went to prison, where he spent one and a half years. Once out of prison, he smuggled contraband into Gaza, helped smuggle Africans into Israel sold weapons, and in general, engaged in a variety of dark deeds. from which he became significantly rich and used his wealth to become a leader of the group.
It is known that a few weeks ago he was in the Palestinian territories, where he met with the leadership of the ‘Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigade, knownto have fired onIsraeli territory. The group he headed has claimed responsibility for shooting down the Russian aircraft in the Sinai peninsula on October 31 as a result of which, as you know, 224 people were killed.

Tr note: essentially the same information was published at newsru.co.

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