“I am not Charlie, I am Su-24” – new music video blows up Russian internet

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December 5, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

As reported by “Russian Spring” Russia is in love with the poem about the downing of the Russian bomber in Syria. Singer Vitaliy Zhurba wrote the music and sang the song “I am not Charlie, I am Su-24” and sent the video to the “Russian Spring”.

Men and women, children and adults in Russia are sharing the poem by Sergey Efimov through social networks, which the author dedicated to the Russian bomber Su-24, downed by the Turks.

Heavens suddenly turned into hell,

Treacherous blow from around the corner… 

I am a plane with the soul of a man 

With a special geometry of the wing.

When they stab you in the back, they know they will not miss it … 

They know the vulnerable spots… 

And the pain that started somewhere in the fuselage

Pierces from the cockpit to the tail.

What the hell is going on in this world?! 

I can not see through fire and smoke. 

I’m not Charlie, I am Su-24, 

And where are the signs with my name?

I spiral down, my head is spinning 

Mixing all like in a kaleidoscope. 

I have no chance for salvation, 

I meet the inevitable head on.

The earth will embrace me and will shelter me forever, 

My flight recorder is engulfed in haze. 

I am a plane with the soul of a man 

With special geometry of the wing.

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