Introducing the Kalibr missile: Undetectable and Unstoppable (Video)


Fort Russ – 9th December, 2015

Taken from Russia’s Ministry of Defence’s Facebook page

In the course of the last 24 hours, aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces have performed 82 combat sorties engaging 204 terrorist objects in the Syrian Arab Republic in the ‪Aleppo‬, ‎Idlib‬, ‪Latakia‬, ‪Hama‬ and ‪Homs‬ provinces. 32 combat sorties were carried out by the Russian aircraft at night.

As the Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei ‪Shoigu‬ reported to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Armed Forces, for the last week the intensiveness of strikes on terrorist infrastructures has been considerably increased all over Syria. Massive missile and aviation strike with precision weapons was made on the most important objects of terrorist groupings. Sea-based cruise missiles ‪Kalibr‬ and precision airbombs ‪KAB500‬ were used. The precision weapons were used against the most important terrorist objects. For the first time, the Rostov-on-Don submarine performed a multiple launch of sea-based cruise missiles Kalibr from underwater position in the Mediterranean Sea.

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This is not the first successful usage of the sea-based cruise missiles Kalibr. Earlier they had been used twice for engagement of terrorist facilities in Syria from surface warships of the Caspian flotilla.

The particularity of their last usage was the multiple launch from underwater position through torpedo launchers. Objective monitoring data confirmed once again the high effectiveness of this missile complex. All targets were hit with the highest accuracy. It is to be reminded that the range of the Kalibr cruise missiles constitutes about 2,000 km. The missile has low radar signature reached by following the terrain at extra-low altitudes that renders it nearly invisible for all types of air defence. The accuracy of target engagement even at a large distance constitutes several meters. Taking into consideration that the combat payload is 500 kg, the target is destroyed for sure. The missile may be fitted with special warhead, i.e. the nuclear one.

It is to be reminded that in November along with Kalibr missiles the newest air-based cruise missiles Kh-101 were also used by strategic aviation aircraft. These precision weapons are capable of guaranteed destruction of targets at the distances of up to 4,500 km. They are also practically invisible for all kinds of air defence systems and may be fitted with conventional and nuclear warheads. The accuracy of these missiles constitutes does not exceed several meters.

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