ISIS-Turkey blood oil map


December 2, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

The supply chain of ISIS Syrian oil to Turkey

Turkey’s purchases of smuggled ISIS oil is one of the most important sources of terrorist financing, measuring in the hundreds of millions of dollars. “Vzglyad” paper created a diagram of the production, trade and transport of the black gold to Turkey, from which you can clearly see that the business is thriving: almost the entire Turkish-Syrian border is open for smuggling. 

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ISIS Brand (by “Vzglyad”)

$1,53 million per day – ISIS makes from selling oil

$25-45 per barrel – average oil price on ISIS markets

Oil production in Syria:

1995: 610,000 barrels per day

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2010: 386,000 barrels per day

2011: 333,300 barrels per day

2012: 182,0000 barrels per day


Pink: Territories under the control of the Syrian army

Grey: Territories under the control of the Islamic state

Green: Territories under the control of other terrorist groups

Yellow: Territories under the control of the Kurds

Second column icons: oil fields; oil refineries; oil markets

Third column: oil transport routes; contraband border crossings

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