Kiev Is Ready To Launch Offensive To Capture Mariupol


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

25th December, 2015


Today, the 24th December, Ukrainian officials and media started spreading accusations against the army of DPR, which supposedly took control of Kominternovo, Zaichenko and Water, located in the neutral zone near Mariupol. Thus, according to all available information, Kiev is preparing public opinion for the resumption of hostilities in Donbass.

Remember that, on December 5th, the Ukrainian General staff announced the capture of 7 villages by Ukrainian units, including Pavlopol and Pischevik, in the neutral zone in sector “M”. By accusing the NAF of the capture of a settlement near the occupied villages of the APU, the so-called forces of the “ATO” justified the introduction of Ukrainian troops to these neutral settlements.

The headlines of many news agencies could not help but raise a smile:

The militants urgently hid heavy weapons from the OSCE in Kominternovo, said the press center of the ATO. Avakov announced that the released militants from Kominternovo, in the sector “M”, were in hiding. The militants forced the residents of Kominternovo to complain about the APU to observers of the OSCE and the headquarters. The militants took away equipment from Kominternovo which was a provocation, — said the press center of the ATO.

Other clear exaggerations of the situation:

Avakov demanded the National Security Council urgently convene because the militants had seized Kominternovo, Zaichenko and Water. The militants have long controlled Zaichenko, and there are still attacks, said Motuzyanik. The capture by militants of Kominternovo is an attempt to provoke soldiers into firing, — the press center of the ATO said. Militants from Kominternovo tried to reach the territory controlled by ATO forces. 

Hysteria began on December 22:

The militants allegedly took Kominternovo, located in a grey area. They have up to 5 tanks available, more than 5 APC’s and other weapons.

“According to operational data, today in the morning the militia, as large as a reinforced army (or up to 100 people) with armored vehicles, entered the settlement of Kominternovo, located in the “grey zone” near Mariupol. Their armaments, aside from small arms and rocket-propelled grenades, included armored combat vehicles, perhaps tanks and other heavy weaponry, which are banned by the Minsk agreements”, — reported the headquarters of the so-called “ATO”.

Alert: militants are coming! The militants are gone! No, they hid!

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Today, December 24th, at night, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine urgently demanded the national security Council to convene as militants has seized Kominternovo, Zaichenko and Water. This information was voiced by officials and other security agencies of Ukraine that started the angry accusations against the DPR. 

After a while, “Militants”, after listening to the Ukrainian media, got scared and decided to leave the “occupied” towns.

“I reported to the intelligence of the Police, that in the morning the militants left Kominternovo,” wrote popular blogger on Facebook – the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov. The authenticity of the message of the Minister to the TV channel “112-Ukraine” confirmed subordination to the police, said Artem Shevchenko.

A friend of Avakov, people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko, added strong evidence to his Facebook page and also “confirmed” information about the pretend retreat of the militia.

“Tonight those fighters left, however, we must reinforce our armed forces to repel such attacks by the ruthless reaction of the opposing military. As soon as the enemy comes at least one step over the line of demarcation created by the Minsk agreements, he must marvel at all the forces and their firepower, otherwise they will capture village after village”, he said.

The press officer of sector “M” Alexander Kindsfater said that the militias have not left Kominternovo, and have just hidden. “We have no information that they had left. Today, this village was visited by the observers of OSCE. According to local residents, the militants are hiding in the village and are hiding weapons,” he said.

Earlier, at the press center of the “ATO”, it was reported that the militia urgently hid heavy weapons from the OSCE inside Kominternovo. The forces of “ATO” say there is information about the presence of militias near Shirokino with MLRS “Grad”, and on the edge of Kominternovo — tanks. This was stated on the Facebook page of the ATO press center.

The forces of “ATO” ready for war

At the same time, as was assured in the press conference, the forces of the “ATO” who are serving near Mariupol, insist all measures have been taken to respond quickly to possible aggression. Along the separation line of the parties, the APU have sufficient resources for the effective fulfilment of assigned tasks.

Hysteria acheived the goal: has published search statistics — Kominternovo is at the top

As a result of this operation, according to, in the last few days, one of the most popular queries in the search engine was the inquiry about the situation in Kominternovo, where  Ukrainians actively searched on the Internet for information.

Kiev is preparing an offensive on Donbass from the direction of Mariupol

According to available information, the armed forces of Ukraine are preparing the ground for the coming offensive and are gaining strength in the direction of Mariupol.

After the APU implemented the capture of seven settlements, including Pavlopol and Pischevik, the Ukrainian forces began to focus the power of the 56th separate mechanized brigade and the “Azov” regiment. Troops are occupying prepared positions and are hiding weapons. Soon we will publish detailed numbers.

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