Kiev survey results: Ukrainians don’t know what’s going on but they want war

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December 3, 2015 – 

Svyatoslav Knyazev, PolitRussia – 

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski 

“North-West Ukraine is still waiting for war”

Can you imagine that Germany conducted a survey during the Great Patriotic War to see whether or not the population believed that the Third Reich was at war with the USSR? Absurd, no? Or can you imagine that during the Falkland Island conflict the British and Argentinians were interested in whether or not information on the war between their two countries was trusted? Funny? And here Ukraine is managing to hold such polls, and this fact confirms the absurdity of the thesis of a Russian-Ukrainian war…

I think that there was little doubt in 1942 that a war was going on between the Soviet Union and Hitler’s Germany. Although in those days there weren’t so many modern means of recording and relaying information as we have at our disposal today, war was obvious. The Wehrmacht was on Soviet territory, the Luftwaffe was in the air, and there were Nazi commandants. Shootings, bombings, the front – a full-scale war is a phenomenon that is difficult to miss. And it’s difficult not to understand who is participating in it, as there is a bit too much obvious evidence.

But in Ukraine in April 2014 something absurd took place. Kiev yelled about a “Russian-Ukrainian war.” However, this [war] was being waged quite strangely – without Russian troops (all who Kiev was able to bring forth were three citizens of Russia, the fate of whom is unknown and who  stated that their recognition of their military status was extracted through torture), without advertisements, without breaking diplomatic relations. Open borders and trade remain between the two countries (for Ukraine, the Russian Federation remains, as before, trade partner number one), and the “President” of Ukraine has a thriving candy factory on the territory of Russia. 

But it’s necessary to somehow explain to the population of Ukraine why GDP in real dollar terms has fallen about 3-4 times in two years. As it turns out, it is necessary to tell the truth that “the authorities” are leading the country down a suicidal course. So, it comes to the point of pretending that the struggle of the residents of Donbass against the usurpers who perpetrated an anti-constitutional coup is a “Russian-Ukrainian war.”

On December 1, 2015, the Ukrainian Razumkov Center, known for its pro-Western sympathies, presented sociological research devoted to the population of Ukraine’s assessment of events in Donbass. The survey was officially conducted and representatively sampled all the regions of Ukraine under the control of the Kiev regime (respectively, the DPR and LPR were not included). The questions and results are quite remarkable. 

12.2% of respondents stated that Russia, in principle, has no relation to the events in Donbass.

28% described the situation as a “war between Russia and Ukraine.”

31.5% – a “separatist insurgency supported by Russia.”

16.3% – a civil war in Ukraine.

8.4% – an episode in the struggle between the US and Russia.

7.4% – a struggle for the independence of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics.

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It is clear to well-known sociologists that one needs to make allowances for the effect of war. In the conditions of a conflict, people living in a particular area are afraid to express a point of view different from the point of view of those controlling this territory. But certain trends are nonetheless noticeable. 

It turns out that the population of territories controlled by Ukraine was divided into a ratio of approximately 60:40. This adequately assesses the reality of a minority of the population. It is not surprising that before the events of 2014, just over half of the residents of Ukraine soberly looked at things (this includes the South-East). But Crimea and a large portion of the population of Donbass have left, and the situation has proportionally changed. 

The picture of a desired scenario for the development of the situation differs, but not fundamentally.

Among the responses to the question as to what needs to be done with Donbass, the response “ATO until complete restoration of Ukrainian control over these territories” leads. 34.4% of respondents chose it. 22.7% were for granting Donbass a special status, and 20.1% were for separating it from Ukraine (in the latter category the responses of those who fully support the DPR and LPR and, to a lesser extent, those who do not want to live in the same country with the population of Donbass, are considered). 22.8% could not (or did not want) to give a definitive answer to the question (it is highly probable that these are largely those people who are under the influence of the “war effect” and are afraid to honestly express their opinion as it differs from what is publicly encouraged).

It is telling that a continuation of the war is most eagerly awaited by representatives of Western and Central Ukraine (and they this response matches their leaders). In these regions, a bit less than half of the total number of respondents account for such an opinion. And the absolute majority are those who are undecided on the matter. Residents from the South, East, and parts of Donbass captured by Kiev’s troops mainly advocate a special status for the DPR and LPR within Ukraine. 

As concerns the coexistence of Ukraine and Donbass, more than 45% of the population of territories under the control of Kiev stated that all relations with the rebellious regions should be broken, while 27.6%, on the contrary, believe that they should have a special status with the opportunity to influence the policies of the central government.

64% of respondents called the DPR and LPR terrorist organizations which do not have the right to represent the population of the territories under consideration. 23% adhere to the diametrically opposite point of view.

The results of the survey once gain demonstrated the severe split which exists in Ukraine. For the residents of the center and west of the country, Donbass is foreign and hostile. In their rhetorical, fantastical view, two mutually exclusive theses are intertwined: Russia has allegedly attacked the Donbass region, terrorizing and bombing them, but the people of Donbass are alien and hostile to “Ukrainians.” 

How is it possible to explain this madness? It’s very simple. The residents of the West and center of Ukraine en mass perfectly understand that there is no “Russian-Ukrainian war”, that Russia is not shelling Donetsk and Lugansk, and that pro-Kiev security forces are in fact fighting with local militias and a small number of Russian volunteers. It’s only admitting this out loud that is incorrect and awkward. Then, one would have to recognize that the population of Kiev and Lvov deeply support the deliberate killing of women, children, and the elderly. This might be supported, but they are shy to speak out loud, as this might braeak the straw on the camel’s back of Kiev’s crazy tale that Donetsk is being shelled by “Russian occupants” and not Ukrainian troops. 

The level of aggression in the West and Central Ukraine is such that its residents, despite the already obvious futility and suicidal nature of the pro-Western course, are ready to go through hunger and cold as long as the Ukrainian army continues to kill the residents of the hated East. Why? Because they are simply smarter…this is not the first time in history that such is happening, is it? 

In fact, the objectivity of the Razumkov Center’s survey has confirmed another study, one by TNS On-line Track. According to it, 48% of the population on the territories controlled by Kiev support the so-called “energy blockade” of Crimea, and 38% are against it. The ratio, it should be noted, is virtually the same is with the appraisal of events in Donbass…

And once again, supporters of the blockade are almost exclusively residents from Western and Central Ukraine! The South-East is categorically against what extremist “activists” are doing in relation to Crimea. And once again the position of supporters of the blockade has nothing to do with logic. While there are ordinary people suffering in Crimea, nothing bad is being done to the residents of Lvov or Kiev. And light will gradually be provided to Crimea, but Ukraine might ultimately end up without coal, and hence without light, as almost all of Ukraine’s electricity is generated by thermal power stations. But in this case, hatred turns out to be stronger in the mind than even the instinct of self-preservation. 

The results of surveys once again have demonstrated that, unfortunately, there is no “unifying” potential in Ukraine. The South and East, without Crimea and Donbass, have turned into a minority which have practically been transformed into disenfranchised colonies with an opinion that no one will consider. In the cranial boxes of most residents of the North and West Ukraine, the drums of war are beating, fuzzing consciousness. Don’t look for logic or common sense in them. Unfortunately, there isn’t any there. Their brains were eaten by the hunger and lust for a European “freebie.” 

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