Mi-38 Gets The Green Light For The Skies

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

30th December, 2015


Promising medium multipurpose helicopter Mi-38 got the type certification from the Federal Air Transport Agency, which now issues approval for aeronautical products instead of the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee (ARIAC). The presentation of the certificate took place on the 30th December in Moscow’s helicopter plant of Mil, where the aircraft was designed.

According to the CEO of the holding company “Helicopters of Russia”, Alexander Mikheeva, the company received a certificate for the transport version of the Mi-38. “In the next two to three years we plan to obtain a certificate for the passenger  version of the helicopter. This program is scheduled for completion in 2017, and we are simultaneously conducting a programme of modifications for the rescue and offshore versions,” he added.

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Mikheev stressed that the demand for the Mi-38 is quite high. “We carried out preliminary marketing research. We expect the demand in the near future to be from 10 to 15 helicopters, but we couldn’t start full-scale negotiations as we did not have photos to give us the possibility to predict the appearance of the helicopter”, — explained the head of the holding company. 

According to him, the first customers could be oil and gas companies and structures that are involved in projects in the Arctic and the creation of infrastructure. However, he mentioned that interest in has come from abroad. As of now, “Helicopters of Russia” are working with the Mi-38 as part of the requirements for the Russian certification authorities.

The machine will be equipped with two turboshaft Russian TV7-117 engines produced by the company “Klimov”. As was reported by Mikheev, they already have the certificate, but only for a limited resource. In this regard, TV7-117 will continue to be tested on the side. “We are pleased with the engine, and we are confident that all helicopters that will use this engine will be finished in 2016”, — summed up the head of the holding company.

Earlier it was reported that in the summer of 2015, the TV7-117 was certified with a life of 100 hours. It was then assumed that the end of the year it would be issued with a supplement for the certificate of 1000 hours. “Helicopters of Russia” commissioned the United Engine Corporation (UEC) for 50 engines of TV7-117V. The first engines are scheduled to be delivered in late 2015 or early 2016, Production of the Mi-38 for the needs of airline and government customers will begin in the next year. The fuselage of the first edition Mi-38 were assembled in Kazan helicopter plant (KHP). In the documents of Minpromtorg it says that the total volume of deliveries of this model up to 2025 will amount to 175 helicopters, and up to 2030 — 264.

The Mi-38, designed to carry up to 30 passengers, is a transitional stage between the medium Mi-8/17 and heavy Mi-26. The capacity of the new machine is 6 tons for the carriage of cargo in the cab and 7 tons on an external sling.

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