Obama declares Médecins Sans Frontières a terrorist organization

We bombed a hospital? Of course not!

Florian SCHAAR

In Allgemeine Morgenpost Rundschau October 6, 2015

German satire, translated by Tom Winter, December 27, 2015

Well it was okay after all! US President Barack Obama today declared Médecins Sans Frontières a terrorist organization, with both chambers of the US Congress backing him up with a unanimous vote on terrorist organizations.

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Thus he got out in front of the outcry expected from all quarters of the Western Truth-Press  “We knew that the press wouldn’t waste any time about it if we perhaps hit a wrong target. “So standards of the press are maintained and suppositions quickly get turned into facts — unlike in Russia, where everything gets shoved under the rug” explained a visibly stirred Obama to the international press.

“So it ought to be clear to everyone that we weren’t bombing any humanitarian institution. Nope — this was part of our fight against a worldwide terror organization.” 

Obama added that in the coming weeks there would be more airstrikes against the shady organization, primarily in Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan. Further, he had clear black-and-white satellite photos of members of this multi-celled organization trying to hide in embassies of Russia and China. 

These too, could be declared legitimate targets.

This is completely necessary, since after the overthrow of ISIS in just a week by the Russians, the US administration is in dire need of come other boogieman.

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