Prilepin: Dear Ukrainians, Couldn’t you hang Poroshenko, without waiting for the next round of funerals?


Russian Spring. December 20, 2015
Translated from Russian by Tom Winter, December 21, 2015

Zakhar Prilepin to the Ukrainians “Don’t wait for the graves of your soldiers: Hang Poroshenko”

Freezing weather has come to Donetsk. Frost? What do you suppose that means? It means solid ground, and the ability to move and drive equipment over the fields. The chances that the “Minsk Agreement” will end soon are very high.

Ukraine is in pre-default condition. Ukraine is “activated” and will start shooting.

The conflict is an ongoing everyday matter. But there’s going to be an attempt at a large-scale offensive.

Currently APU are rotating to the front; new military equipment keeps on coming up. Hey, somebody, grab OSCE for an interview on the other side. Ask how they sleep there.

It is against this grim background that within a few days my journal got banned, FB banned Oleg Tsarev, Herman Sadulayev, Ivan Rakhmetov, Alan Mamiev, Dmitry Puchkov – seems completely irrelevant. But it does not seem random at all.

This is just a small part of a larger campaign, which is being prepared.

Not satisfied with the result, Facebook has gone further, and forbidden me correspondence: Everyone who writes to me here – I can not answer.

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In Donetsk, gunfire is heard more and more often. On the other side – more than two hundred tanks. Tanks aren’t used for defense. Tanks are for offense.

From this side, too, there is something going on.
Yesterday, my favorite rap duo played in Donetsk. It was a stunning concert.

I saw Motorola, “Let’s go to the concert,” I say.

– No, – he says – I’m with my daughter.

Such news at the moment.

Nice Ukrainians. Dear people,

Your Poroshenko, the will of the Lord sent him, is intending to arrange another meatgrinder.

It’s going to end up as bad as all previous attempts. Thousands of people will die – your sons, Ukrainians.

Could you hang him without waiting for the all the funerals?

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