Prophecy: “Relations between Erdogan and Putin have been compromised for a very long time” — Orlov

French Senate heard Russian and Turkish ambassadors.

Bertrand Du Gai Déclin, December 17, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter

The ambassadors of Russia and of Turkey were given a hearing by the Senate. The first denounced the “betrayal” of the Turks on the subject of the shot-down airplane, “the worst crime one could commit,;” then “I can guarantee you that Turkey has never bought petrol from Daesh” was the word from the representative of Ankara.

It was a match today in the Senate between the Russian ambassador in France, Alexander Orlov, and his Turkish counterpart, Hakki Akiln, on the Syrian crisis and Daesh. The two men were auditioned by the Committees on Foreign Affairs, Defense, and the Armed Forces. 

Interrogated by the senators, they returned to the issues of Daesh oil purchasing by Turkey, and the Russian plane shot down by the Turks.

“If you show me tangible, credible proof that Turkey buys oil from Daesh, I will pack my bags.”
“I can assure and guarantee you that Turkey has never bought and is not buying oil from Daesh” the ambassador insisted, and added “Turkey has never played a double game; we’ve been combatting Daesh from the start.” [Video]

It was then that Jean-Pierre Raffarin, chair of the Committee, asserted “Seen in France, with the information at our disposal, we consider it a fact that the trucks are going to Turkey.” Hakki Akiln did not budge. “If you show me — check with the DGSE — with some proof, tangible and credible, that Turkey is buying Daesh petrol, I will pack up and go back to Turkey. Unfortunately, the Russians are quite adept at misinformation,” he replied.

“I don’t want to say that there is no traffic in oil,” added the ambassador, but according to him it’s notably “Kurdish groups.” Making reference to declarations of “American treasure,” he affirmed that “the petrol from Daesh was being bought by the Damascus regime through an intermediary, a Russo-syrian businessman,” or, further on, “by Greek Cypriots.”

As for the Russian plane destroyed by the Turkish military, Hakki Akiln emphasised that the Turkish authorities alerted and warned Moscow about “rules of engagement” [see end of video] Namely, to attack any object violating Turkish air space. 

The Russian ambassador, Alexander Orlov, who did not meet his counterpart, did not hold the same line when he evoked “that jet incident, which was a cowardly backstabbing:” “The relations today with Turkey are quite frankly bad. Why? Because we considered Turkey as an allied country, and our partner. President Putin saw Erdogan on the G20 sidelines, and they talked very well (…) For President Putin, this is resented as a betrayal. It’s the worst crime one could commit. 

I am not a prophet, but I think that the relations between Putin and Erdogan are compromised for a very very long time,” said the Russian ambassador to France.

“We think that they wanted to show their unhappiness about our bombing the oil traffic that’s been making them rich. We know that the Erdogan family, perhaps even his son if not himself, are directly linked. His son-in-law is the petroeum minister. The entire family is getting rich. (…) And that’s why they wanted to give us a lesson,” Orlov added, and for conclusion: “We are in a very very tense situation regarding our relationship.”

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