Russia is preparing a second air base in Syria


December 1,


Translated for Fort Russ by Soviet

Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai reported on the
preparation by Russia to deploy a second military base in Syria. The Russian Aerospace
Force group, as well as provision units will be deployed at the air base of Shairat
35 kilometers South-East from Homs. The number of the Russian aircraft group in
Syria may rise to one hundred pieces.

“The Shairat
base has 45 reinforced aircraft hangars to protect the planes from hits during shellings”,
— reports the special correspondent of the newspaper Elijah J. Magnier with
reference to a source in the joint Russian-Syrian-Iraqi-Iranian headquarters in
Damascus. As the author points out, the airfield has the three-kilometer
primary runway, allowing to accept aircrafts of any type, as well as reserve
runway the preparation of which ends today. According to sources utilization of
the Shairat base will increase the number of Russian air group in Syria more
than 100 aircraft.

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addition, Russian troops will be deployed to cover and secure the base. As a
source in Russian power structures told the correspondent of “Lenta.Ru” Shairat
is needed for carrying out operations in the South and East of Syria. “For
the offensive in the Palmyra area and further East, in Deir-ez-Zor, the  Khmeimim base in Latakia is already quite far
away, especially for operations of attack aircraft and helicopters, for which,
in addition to range, a significant role is played by the speed of destruction
of targets on the battlefield and in the rear,” said the source. According
to him, earlier, the Russian HQs have already used Shairat airport as a transit

17, 2015 in a video presentation by Ministry of Defense a map was shown on
which there were marked positions of the 5th howitzer artillery battery of
120-th guard’s artillery brigade of the Russian army deployed in the region
from November 6.

exactly the same point in time (14:00, November 6) at the Shairat air base four
Mi-24 attack helicopters and one transport Mi-8 helicopter were shown on the
map , they are not identified. Sources close to power structures of Israel told
“”, work on preparation of the Shairat airfield. Partial
confirmation of this information can be data from the website Flightradar 24,
according to which the activity of the Russian military-transport aircraft,
including transport aircraft An-124 was observed near the air base.

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