Russian MoD names the FSA groups it is working with


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

15th December, 2015

Russian MoD Facebook page

Lieutenant General Sergey Rudskoy summarized the activities of the Russian air group in Syria since September 30:

During the air operations in Syria the Russian aviation group has conducted 4201 sorties, of which 145 were from strategic aircraft missiles and long-range bombers. The bomb attacks were aimed at essential infrastructure, clusters of military equipment and manpower of fighters.

Over the last few weeks the intensity of the airstrikes was increased on the positions of ISIL and other terrorist groups.

Russian aviation continues to prioritize the destruction of sources of income for terrorists in Syria. Over the last three days, 6 illegal oil fields of the militants have been destroyed, as well as 7 columns of trucks carrying crude oil and products from its processing. Since the beginning of the strikes, Russian aviation has destroyed more than 1200 oil-related targets.

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With the support of Russian aviation, the Syrian armed forces continue the offensive on all fronts, with the most intensive battles taking place in the provinces of Latakia, Aleppo, Hama, Homs and suburbs of Damascus. The terrorists have incurred significant losses. In the province of Aleppo, government forces continue to expand the security zone around the Kuweires airfield, developing an offensive in the South-West of Idlib. Over the last week, the army has liberated 9 villages.

In the province of Latakia,  assault troops of the Syrian army waged offensives in Northern and Western directions. In the North, troops have expanded control over the area near the Syrian-Turkish border. Near the cities of Sirmania and Salma, tactically important heights and settlements were  stripped from the militants.

In Central Syria, government troops and militia units captured several important heights and levels in the vicinity of the city Main. In the suburbs of Damascus, government forces continue to conduct raids, narrowing the encirclement of illegal armed groups in the areas of Marj Sultan, Nola, Duma and Shibden.

The success of ground operations by the Syrian armed forces have helped the actions of so-called moderate opposition against ISIS. Currently in Syria there are more than 150 such groups. The most Patriotic of them are already fighting in cooperation with the Syrian government forces. Today they consist of more than 5 thousand people. Constant contact with them is established and maintained. The formation of the opposition sends coordinates for the command of the Russian aviation group of coordinates to conduct airstrikes. 

So, via the support from the “Ghaneem” brigade, part of the free Syrian army, and armed groups of the “*Democratic Forces” in the last day 17 strikes on ISIS positions were conducted north of Raqqa. According to the data, the Russian aviation destroyed more than 150 fighters and 11 pieces of equipment.

There has also been 18 strikes on terrorists to aid the troops of the “*Desert Lions” and “*Qalamoun” battalions in the areas of El Karaten and Palmyra. The work, aimed at uniting the efforts of government troops and other groups, to liberate Syria from international terrorists will continue.

*[O.R: These units are almost certainly the ones Russia assembled, consisting of Spec Ops. These names have never been mentioned before, except the DF which is a newly formed battalion]

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