Sociopath Media Report: Daily Mail’s FusterCluck


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

15th December, 2015

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being not worthy of toilet paper, and 10 being God’s word, the Daily Mail comes in at 0. It’s pages are frequented by holiday snaps of ‘celebs’, moronic ‘stories’ ass licking Queen Elizabeth II, and anti-Muslim rhetoric. Anyone who is British will know all about this scumbag paper, dating back to the First World War where it pushed anti-German propaganda, claiming they chopped the arms off Belgian Children. Whilst researching something else, Sociopath Media Report stumbled upon what can only be described as vomit-inducing. Here is the toxic link, please clean your cache, cookies and scrub your skin until you bleed after reading:

Has Russia been using cluster bombs? Shrapnel which appears to be from lethal multiple-projectile weapons banned by many countries found after air strike leaves ten dead in Aleppo

Pictures taken in a civilian area of Syria appear to show shrapnel from devastating cluster bombs following an attack thought to be by Russian forces.

Pictures from WHOM? What is the source?

The images were taken in the opposition-controlled Merce neighbourhood of Aleppo, following an air strike which killed 10 people and injured 15 others today.

The use of cluster bombs, which release a number of projectiles, has been banned by many countries.

Source? Britain arms and aids the Saudi regime who DAILY drop cluster munitions on Yemeni civilians.  The caption under the 1st photo reads:

Proof? What appears to be shrapnel from a cluster bomb embedded in the ground in an Aleppo neighbourhood

2 more photos follow, with captions that regurgitate what has already been said. As of this moment, it could be Britain, America or even Tahiti.

They are known to kill and maim civilians after bombing raids because many do not explode on impact.

This is not the first time Russia has been accused of using cluster bombs in Syria.

In October, dramatic footage emerged purportedly showing the bombs exploding over Syrian rebels in southern Idlib.

The video showed dozens of glowing, red bomblets being fired into the air from the ground.

It then cuts to show hundreds of small but violent explosions lighting up the landscape and sending plumes of smoke rising into the evening sky.

Russia claims to be firing high-precision weapons on Islamic State targets in Syria, but there are growing concerns among human rights groups and western governments that cluster munitions are being deployed in populated areas.

One hundred and eight countries have signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions which bans the use, transfer and stockpile of cluster bombs.

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Wow, so Russia is guilty before the trial has even begun. The use of the word ‘Accused‘ means that one could ‘accuse‘ Russia of dropping 2 nukes on Japan. They then use the phrase ‘Russia Claims’. Let’s reverse engineer it – ‘Britain Claims to be bombing ISIS’. Russia hasn’t ‘claimed’ anything – the Ministry of Defence voluntarily reports what happens in Syria to STOP exactly what the Daily Mail is doing – making stuff up. Why don’t they challenge the Mod instead of hiding behind a Zionist rag?

We then get the deal -breaker – a photo of the WHITE HELMETS! Yes, you read that correctly – Al Qaeda dressed as medics! The same group who were at the last scene ‘Russia bombed’, and before that, Assad bombed back in August (Douma).

It continues:

Human Rights Watch (HRW) said it unearthed ‘disturbing’ evidence of an ‘advanced type’ of Russian-made cluster bomb that was used in an airstrike on the village of Kafr Halab, south-west Aleppo on October 4.

HRW claimed the bomb was either fired by the Russian jets or given to the Syrian Air Force to use as part of their joint offensive against rebel groups in the country.

HRW also pointed to several amateur videos of cluster bomb explosions – which have not been independently verified – as further proof of ‘air-dropped and ground-launched’ cluster bomb attacks on Aleppo, Hama and Idlib.

HRW has documented the use of cluster munitions in the war in Syria since 2012. It claims Syrian government forces began using air-dropped cluster bombs in mid-2012 and then cluster munition rockets.

ISIS also used cluster munition rockets in the second half of 2014, according to the human rights organisation.

On October 1, the Cluster Munition Coalition urged Russian to refrain from using any cluster munitions in its military action in Syria, which began on September 30.

The Human Rights Watch – Ken Roth’s lot. Use this link to search for past Sociopath Media Reports for examples of this man’s work:

Sadly, 99% of the reader comments are from the sub-zoology category, but a silver lining can be found in the top 2 rated comments:

Don’t ever trust a Western newspaper. Let Denzel explain to you why:

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