Sociopath Media Report – Wahhabism and the Military Industrial Complex


By Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

7th December, 2015

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As the war in Yemen continues, so does the threat to the globe posed by Saudi’s exported ideology – Wahhabism. Many videos exist online showing Saudi-funded Al Qaeda members blowing up Yemeni hostages from exploding boats to bombs dangling around their necks. Whilst the Western Mainstream Media may depict the war to be a civil war, it, like Syria, is far from that. The path from these conflicts always leads back to the White House, before heading to Tel Aviv.

As a reminder, here are the main current conflicts the US is involved in: 

  • Ukraine 
    • Staging a coup and giving power to Zionist oligarchs who, to date, have murdered 10,000+ civilians, as well as antagonising Crimea via blockades and general terrorism. 

  • Sy-raq 
    • Funding Salafi/Wahhabi proxy groups with the aim of removing the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad. This serves the main purpose of creating Greater Israel and disrupting any plans for Shia pipelines. 

  • Yemen 
    • Installing a puppet called Hadi, whom was elected with no other names on the ballot paper, bringing them under Wahhabi control. Houthi’s resisted, Al Qaeda was unleashed to sideswipe them. 

  • Africa 
    • The creation and funding of Boko Haram to maintain hegemony in Africa, looting resources and denying state-ownership of businesses. 

  • South China Sea 
    • The continued aggressive behaviour towards China in it’s own sovereign waters. 

  • Misc colour revolutions 
    • From Armenia to Albania, to Hong Kong to Columbia. These result in smaller, longer-lasting conflicts that serve to maintain the boundaries of NATO/US control. 

Now obviously there are many many more examples of US’ meddling available, but the focus of this report is Yemen. Russia is delivering humanitarian aid to Yemen every month, and evacuating people when possible. Russia did not choose to Veto the arms embargo on the Houthi’s, for what ever reason, but they will be very concerned by Saudi aggression in the region, as they know full well that they are funding the Takfiri’s in Syria. In fact, Putin’s reference to G20 members funding terrorism was certainly calling Saudi out.

Photo shows a passport found on a dead Takfiri terrorist in Syria

The White House recently struck a deal with Saudi for the sale of munitions, totalling $3bn, which re-stocked their depots for their genocidal mission in Yemen. We also know, thanks to the leaked DIA document, that any Salafi activity plays right into US’ hands (what a coincidence!), and can be traced back to places like Camp Bucca in Iraq (2006). Let’s also not forget the role Saud is playing in smuggling the drug Captagon into Syria to keep the Takfiris awake:

All these events are inter-connected and form the environment that we live in today, from Paris to San Bernadino. The governments of Iran, Hezbollah and Syria have continually denounced Saudi Arabia for their roles in not only abandoning the people of Palestine, fellow arabs, but backing Israel up where ever they decide to meddle. 

Former NATO-employee Wesley Clark, after throwing Turkey under the bus, labels Saudi correctly – sponsors of Terrorism. It would appear now that Obama has the perfect scapegoat for when things in Syria truly go pear-shaped.

Sooner or later Wahhabism will have to be dealt with, whether that is by force or by diplomacy. Their pathetic efforts in Yemen highlight their lack of military experience and a general strategy. As time has gone on, the MSM has turned on Saudi Arabia, whether that is via 9/11 articles or criticising their involvement in Syria. Sociopath Media Report would honestly struggle to find an article from Fox News, NYT or CNN that puts King Salman in a positive light. But this does not stop Lockheed and Raytheon from treating them as VIP customers.

German vice-chancellor accuses Saudi Arabia of funding Islamic extremism in the West

As the Megadeth song goes – Peace sells, but who’s buyin’?

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