Syria – Ukraine – Albania: Is “Greater Albania” the next tool of the US and Turkey?


December 3, 2015 –

Viktor Veritov, PolitRussia – 

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski 

“Ukraine and Syria blown up. Albania is next in line”

Risks, political uncertainty, and economic instability are growing in the world. In such circumstances, as we see, many seekers of fortune ready to try to catch success in the increasingly murky waters of global political processes are appearing or, more precisely,  revealing themselves. No one is interested in fishing rods anymore. Explosives, as practice shows, are a more preferable means. Explosions don’t miss, and whole states and political regimes fly into the air. 

Many countries which just yesterday appeared to be peaceful and calm have, to everyone’s surprise, begun to display aggression. They don’t want to be in the shadow of world politics and aspire to become directors, i.e., those who ignite the bombs, at any costs. For example, just before the incident with the downed Su-24, the public saw Turkey as a friend and geopolitical partner of Russia – we were building the South Stream together, we went on vacation together, and we ate their fruits. Now there is talk of Erdogan and his associate’s imperial ambitions, and people are remembering the statements of Turkish intelligence service leaders on football fans’ support for ISIS and the fact that terrorists are being graciously treated in Turkish hospitals among other things. The question arises: who didn’t know about this earlier? Apparently, we knew, but decided to trust, and were let down. This, perhaps, is our notorious mentality. turkey indeed “stabbed Russia in the back.” Erdogan’s ties with ISIS, which became known just the other day, “yoked” him with those who blew up our plane with peaceful civilians. 

Now, we realize that reality is such that a shot can come unexpectedly and from those who, at first glance, seem to be incapable of doing so. From where? Where does the danger lurk? Among the topical events being covered, we completely forgot about the powder keg of Europe that the Balkan peninsula has always been. Here, there have been clashes between great powers, and the region itself has been torn by ethnic conflict for many centuries. This is the gordian knot which no one has managed to cut.

Nothing has changed since the end of the millennium. The ’90’s were marked by the bloody break up of Yugoslavia: the war in Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia. In 1998, the conflict in Kosovo erupted which ultimately led to the bombing of Belgrade. Perhaps the most important consequence for the destabilization of the world was the creation of the so-called “Kosovo precedent.” 

There are many nuances including the NATO operation, ethnic conflict, and much more, but the essence is one: a territorial unity populated by representatives of a national minority seceded from a state. However, no one asked this state itself. For dozens of other territories such as, for example, Catalonia and Quebec, it’s obvious that the legal mechanisms for realizing the right of nations to self-determination do not work. Asserting force is needed. But this is quite pitiful thing. Terrorists of all stripes can obtain moral, even if not legal, justification to season the horrible meals of their actions in the sauce of noble separatism. 

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And if someone naively believes that the the help of US and NATO managed to solve something or regulate things in the Balkans, then the is deeply mistaken. At first glance, the situation is relatively calm. However, smoldering embers can ignite a new fire at any moment. Moreover, the situation is only getting worse. Alarming echoes only reach the media. Unfortunately, there is little that Russia can do here. 

Our main ally in the region, Serbia, exists in a very unfriendly environment surrounded by former Yugoslav republics. The main player trying to realize its interests there, just as yesterday, is our former friend Turkey. The Balkans were long part of the Ottoman Empire which the Erdogan state is trying to revive. Today, Turkey’s influence in the region is quite strong, especially in Muslim countries such as Bosnia and Albania. Particular attention can be drawn to Albania, a small country with huge ambitions and warlike aspirations. There are all the conditions for an explosion here just as like the one in Ukraine or Syria. 

Firstly, there is external support from certain powers who are interested in an explosion. In Ukraine, the US fulfilled this role  in actively supported and cultivated nationalist sentiments. In the case of Albania, this power is Turkey. It is extremely profitable to destabilize the situation in the region and push the Balkan states into each other under the notorious principle of “divide and conquer.” Therefore, Turkey strongly supports the idea of a “Greater Albania.” the gist of this is that all territories dominated by the Albanian population should be a single state. The story of Kosovo is part of this project. Adherents of this theory consider this territory to the the southern frontier of Serbia and some parts of Macedonia and Greece. In fact, near the end of the second world war, the German fascists tried to realize this. Does this not remind you of the history of Bander and the idea of Greater Ukraine?

Secondly, Albania is an extremely “criminalized” state. The local mafia, based on close family ties, is now recognized as one of the strongest in Europe. Even Cosa Nostra now longer looks menacing. Its main source of income is drugs. Albania is a transit point between between Afghanistan and Turkey and Europe and the USA. The Albanian mafia actively participated in the Kosovo conflict and has established links with many terrorist organizations, including the Islamic State (prohibited in Russia). 

Lastly, Albania is a Muslim country. It should never be forgotten that religion, for local activists, is only a means to an end, and this is one which, as is known, justifies everything. 

It is absolutely obvious that the crisis in the Balkans benefits the US. The first goal is the downfall of Serbia. Thus, a time bomb is ticking in the very center of Europe and its activation is only a matter of time. However, it’s not too late to stop it. World history has repeatedly demonstrated the sad results of such a policy. History has shown that the arsonists themselves, as a rule, are usually burned in the end. 

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