Syrian Army unblocks the road to the Armenian region of Kessab

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

13th December, 2015


Syrian forces, during an anti-terrorist operation in the Northern Latakia province, unblocked the most important road in the Armenian-populated region of Kessab through Castel Maaf. Pro-Turkish militants were trapped in a cauldron, and were told if they did not lay down their arms, they would be destroyed.

During the fighting in the mountains of Jabal al-Turkman, which are inhabited mostly by the Syrian Turks (the so-called Turkomans), the Syrian military destroyed the commander of the battalion “al-Nasr” and a member of the 1st Coastal brigade of the Free Syrian army, Syrian Turk Akila Juma. Juma has fought against the people of Syria since 2013 and under him were 400 fighters from the Syrian Turks.

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The Turkish press has published an obituary for the terrorist, in which he is cynically called “a Martyr, a Martyr for the faith.”

Another terrorist, but from the North Caucasus, who had the nickname “Abu Hamza”, fought against the people of Syria in the group of “al-Sham Adzhnad”, which is composed of people from the Russian North Caucasus, and Central Asia. Hamza participated in the attack on Armenian Kessab in March last year, where he the etched  “in memory” onto a captured Armenian house.

[O.R: there are more gruesome photos in the original article, which were not published by Fort Russ in this translation]

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