Takfiri Rats Tortured Body Of Su-24 Pilot After His Death


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

29th December, 2015

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LifeNews has become aware of the details of the forensic examination conducted on the body of the pilot of the Russian su-24 bomber Oleg Peshkov, who died a hero during a combat mission on the 24th November. According to sources in medical circles, the cause of death of Lieutenant Colonel VC, awarded the title of Hero of Russia posthumously, was a gunshot wound from a Kalashnikov of 7.62 mm calibre  However, experts note that after the death of the deceased the officer was subjected to brutal torture.

“We Discovered multiple bruises, which were formed after the death of the body,” — said the representative of the investigative bodies.

According to information, the traces of beatings were found on the neck, back, abdomen and on the hands and feet of Oleg Peshkov. The main injuries were caused by a blunt object. Separately, experts noted that several serious injuries were also found on the face of the Colonel. They had done the same to him as well after death.

By the way, beatings on the body of the deceased individual entails criminal liability. According to the lawyer and military expert Evgeny Chernousov, it is a crime punishable by norms of Russian and international legislation.

“In the criminal code of Russia there is article 224 of part 1, which states “abuse of a dead body”. It provides penalties of up to one year of imprisonment. In other countries this article is also featured to. There is also an international convention that applies to military operations and captives, saying that they should be respected and treated humanely. For example, if the prisoner dies, they must notify the country so the relatives can take the body and bury it. All of the rules in this situation have been broken,” — the lawyer explained.

As a reminder, on November 24th a Russian su-24 was shot down by a missile from a Turkish F-16. Pilot Oleg Peshkov was killed during the descent by parachute after ejection. He was shot from the ground by the militants of the moderate opposition. Navigator bomber Murakhtin Constantine managed to escape and survived as a result of the attack of the Turkish air force. He stated that after discharge from the medical institution he will ask about returning to the building to “return the favor” for the dead commander.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defence published the details of the destruction of the bomber. According to the MoD, the Su-24, contrary to the assurances of the Turkish side, did not violate the airspace of this country. On the contrary, the Turkish fighter jet crossed the border and flew into Syria for the attack on the Russian plane.

The Hero of Russia Oleg Peshkov was buried on the 2nd of December in his native city of Lipetsk, on the Central Avenue of the city cemetery.

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