“The French people are dissed, duped, and betrayed, and the lies are ever more gross and the promises are ever more mad.”


Ronald Zonca
In Boulevard Voltaire, December 5, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter, December 6, 2015

Civil lack of security just got added to the failures of our succession of chiefs, revealing the failure of the political elites in the governing of France

Our pols have gotten to be carnival barkers to the voters, buying votes with promises and lying to them without shame to create — or to keep up — illusions.

The French people are dissed, duped, and betrayed, dissed, and the lies are ever more gross and the promises are ever more mad.

Over 40 years, the usage has been to make believe that we are still in the “the Glorious Thirty” [years of economic good times, ’45-75 –tr], that it’s all going to get better and better thanks to globalization, that we can go into debt because growth is for sure, or almost for sure. The public deficit has become golden rule. With such management, the French will not pass on a common heritage to their children but interest payable to international private banks.

Another illusion: Europe means Peace. Like yesterday in Yugoslavia, like in Ukraine today, like in France, tomorrow. The goddess Europa is starving for tearing apart sovereign states, the better to seat it own power and to favor American hegemony. Weakening a state leads irredeemably to ethno-sociocentrism, to the exacerbation of differences,, to civil war, to the eradication of a nation.

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Brussels, the marketplace for mondialism, spurred by the lobbies, is an illusion of democracy. One has but to compare the power of the the European Commision, the European Parliament, and European Council to realize that it is the non-elected who steer the syndicate of interests. Europe is no institution in the service of inter-state relations, but an enterprise of fragmentation to serve private economic  interests: the truth stops at the door of the private interests defended by our very dear Commissioners, non-elected technocrats.

At rare moments, our pols find themselves in the same situation as the morning-after drunk. They’ve got a petrified throat, they worry and wonder about whatever they did the night before, and seek out excuses, or lies, to justify their behavior, and check their wallet after the bender.

They face the choice of every drunk: whether to get back to the bottle to forget the mistakes of the night before, or to take into account the realities of the day. 

But the superiority complex of our chiefs is a mismatch with the good sense of the people. France, in its search for the verity will end up making a tabula rasa of these plotters who privilege private interests to the detriment of national unity and the common good. After years of degeneration, we are approaching a new dawn for our country.

“What do they call it, when the day brightens like today, and that everything is trashed and ruined, yet there is air to breathe, though one has lost everything, the innocent murder each other, but the guilty are breathing their last, in a nook of the day that rises?”

“It has a beautiful name, Narsès. They call it the dawn.

from Jean Giraudoux’s Electra

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