The Telegraph Suspects Vladimir Putin Of Immortality


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

16th December, 2015


“Vladimir Putin or Duncan Macleod?” — an unexpected question about the origin of the President of Russia set by the journalists of the British newspaper the Telegraph. The newspaper’s staff found pictures of 1920 and 1941, depicting people, suspiciously similar to the Russian leader. Unable to find accessible explanations, they came up with a fantasy version of extraterrestrial origin to his immortality.

To get closer to unraveling the phenomenon of the twin of Putin, who looks like a modern frightened Englishmen from a time gone by, The Telegraph opened the investigation to users of Twitter. The editors invited subscribers to answer the question: “whether Putin is Immortal?” And the results were very unexpected. Just over an hour had passed before 66% of the audience answered in the affirmative, and the journalists decided to close down the vote, arguing that attention to the Russian leader was unnecessary.

Meanwhile, netizens gave British journalists all the more reasons for concern. It turned out that there is another Doppelgänger of the President of Russia with sinister grins  in a portrait of a Greek General of the XIX century.

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Other readers, on The Telegraph question whether Putin is immortal, replied: “Even more than you think!”

Previously, *experts at the British newspaper Daily Mail had analyzed the plasticity of the gait and gestures of President Vladimir Putin and came to the conclusion that the Russian leader is armed and dangerous. Western experts believe that the slight stiffness in his movements on the right side, which is observed Putin during mass events, suggests that the politician is ready at any moment to grab a gun hidden under his clothes.

*[O.R: Experts + Daily Mail = LOL!]

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