Top 10 Phrases From The Press Conference Of The President


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

17th December, 2015


Many statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin were made in a speech at the annual press conference, which is traditionally open to the people. Unlike the Federal Assembly, this format allows one to hear live the speech of the Russian leader, and he sometimes has particular urgency and immediacy. LifeNews has compiled the top 10 quotes of Vladimir Putin, which will go down in history.

1. “If someone in the Turkish government decided to brown nose the Americans, we don’t think it was the right thing to do” (to the question of Washington’s role in the incident with the Russian su-24 in the skies over Syria).

2. “If they believe it possible and necessary to do something, let them do so” (it is not necessary to have a permanent military base in Latakia).

3. “No need to snap at regulators of the Central Bank, as in Soviet times” (about the policy of the Central Bank about key rates). 

4. “Georgia has been exporting politicians to Ukraine. This is a slap in the face to the Ukrainian people” (on the appointment of Saakashvili to the post of Governor of the Odessa region).

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5. “I ‘ll tell you an old old joke. Two friends meet and one asks the other: ”How are you?“ The other says: ”My life is all stripes – black stripes followed by white ones.“ – ”So which one is it now?“ – ”Now I’m in the black one.“ Another six months pass, they meet again: ”How’s life? I know it’s all stripes, but which one is it now?“ – ”It’s black now.“ – ”But it was black last time!“ – ”Looks like it was white last time.“ (about the situation in the Russian economy). 

6. “They thought we’d run away? Russia is not the country to do that. Previously, they were flying in Syrian airspace — now let’s see them fly there” (again about Turkey, next to which Russia has deployed air defense).

7. “As for Mr Chaika: There’s a famous Soviet-era joke, when a HR manager says: We’re not going to promote this guy. Why? He had an incident with a fur coat. It turned out that five years ago his wife’s fur coat was stolen in a theatre.  (the rumors about the son of Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika).

8. “We need to watch closely what is happening there, so as to not kill the goose that lays the Golden eggs” (about the need to pay attention to scouting).

9. “Vitaly is free from difficulties and is ready to work” (he appreciated the idea to give the Minister of sport of the Russian-English phrase book).

10. “Are these cutlets? Just like” (joking about the name of Kaliningrad information portal “”).

As a reminder, it was already the 11th biggest press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was reported that a record number of media personnel were present – 1392 people. The previous record for the number of accredited journalists belonged to a press-conference held on 14th February 2008 — 1364 person. It, by the way, is still the longest at 4 hours 40 minutes; today’s meeting lasted a little over three hours.

Full transcript here

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