Turkey is Funding a Crimean-Tatar Battalion to Recapture Crimea


Crimean Tatars serving the Germans in WWII

December 23, 2015


Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus for Fort Russ

 Participants of blockade of Crimea are creating a Crimean Tatar battalion, which will be “the first to enter Crimea”. This was stated on air on radio “Voice of the Capital” by the coordinator of the civilian blockade of Crimea Lenur Islyamov. According to Islyamov, the battalion will be officially part of the armed forces of Ukraine. Its mission: the return of Crimea by force.

“Volunteer battalion “Crimea” was created in the ATO zone. It was always there. What we are creating now is a battalion, which will stand at the border. A special purpose battalion, which will guard the administrative border with Crimea. For us, it should not be a border, but an entrance for the return of Crimea. We will be the battalion which will be the first to enter Crimea,” said Islyamov. 

However, he acknowledged that although legally this battalion does not yet exist, de facto, its fighters are already on the border with Crimea.

“The Crimean Tatar battalion already de facto exists. How many people, I can not say. It is the Crimean Tatar battalion that will participate in the naval blockade [of Crimea]. We don’t have weapons [yet]. We will get the weapons, when UAF will officially give us a number of a military unit and we will be able to officially carry guns. And so we have the ATO participants, some have official arms in the trunks of their cars, because there are no military operations for now” — said Islyamov.

Islyamov also stressed that this battalion will likely be financed and provided with everything necessary by Turkey. “Our leader Mustafa Dzhemilev talked with the president [of Turkey]. While we talked with Turkey, the Turkish President responded and decided to equip us, our battalion, understanding that Ukraine is not yet so strong to afford to supply another battalion. Turkey immediately responded and stated that it is ready to finance this battalion. We are open to all citizens — whether they are Turks, Persians or anyone else [read: Islamic terrorists – KR]. The Turks are close to us by blood. And Ukrainians are close to us by blood. We are one people. This is our land,” – said Islyamov.

Earlier Islyamov promised to start a sea blockade of Crimea in the near future with elements of a military operation.

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