Turkey is preparing to replace Russian gas


Doha, Qatar

December 2, 2105

FAP News

Turkey is negotiating on long-term gas supplies with Qatar, according to Turkish news Agency “Anadolu”.

Today during his visit to Qatar, President Erdogan, the Turkish company BOTAS and the national oil company of Qatar have signed a preliminary memorandum of cooperation on gas supplies to Turkey on a long term basis. Previously there was an agreement on short-term supplies. Now the parties have begun drafting the text of the main contract.

In 2014, Turkey imported 47.6 per billion cubic meters of gas, of which about 60% came from Russia. In addition to our country Turkey buys gas in Iran, Azerbaijan, Algeria and Nigeria.

Earlier Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said he did not expect the cessation of Russian gas supplies to Turkey, because it is governed by international law. Nevertheless, Ankara is preparing for such an eventuality — the Ministry of Energy was instructed to work on different alternatives.

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