Ukraine Issues List of Banned Russian Products


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

29th December, 2015


Ukraine, from the 10th of January, will ban the import of a whole list of products from Russia. The proposal was made by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the country.

In particular, the Ministry proposed the imposition of an embargo on deliveries of the following food products: meat, fish, some dairy products, processed cheeses, coffee, tea, food mixes, confectionery and bakery products, baby foods, pasta, sauces; flavors and condiments, beer, alcohol, vodka, dog food, cigarettes with filter. This was reported by “Interfax”.

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These measures are in response to Russia’s decision to suspend from January 1, 2016 the Agreement on free trade zone with Ukraine.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko today signed a law that gives the government the right to impose retaliatory economic sanctions against Russia.

Recall that on 17th November, Ukraine begun to apply sanctions against Russia, which were announced back in September of this year. Names on the list include 29 Russian banks, more than 20 Russian companies, a few enterprises of the military-industrial complex, and the largest Russian producers of antivirus software.

However, Kiev has sabotaged the negotiation process regarding the conditions of their entry into a free trade zone with the EU, taking into account their actual membership in the Customs Union. Having assessed the risks associated with the fact that Ukraine controls the flow on both sides, and European products in transit through the center would come to us having bypassed the embargo and without paying any taxes, the Russian government decided in response to place sanctions on Ukraine and to impose on her a produce and foods embargo. In addition, from the 1st January, Ukraine will  introduce customs duties from Russia.

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