Ukrainian Saboteurs Attempted to Attack Joseph Kobzon In Donbass


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

30th December, 2015


On Wednesday, 30th of December, the trip of Joseph Kobzona to embattled Lugansk and Donetsk came to its conclusion. Of all the trips (and this was the sixth) he had made prior, this was the most dangerous. However, judge it for yourself – here’s a recording of the conversation with the Commander of the detachment of special forces Vladimir Novikov.

– Well, from our point of view, it was a series of unexpected situations… But, in principle, why were we there? To solve all these issues.

– Yes, definitely.

– Of course.

– This is the latest information. … obtained from external sources. I can’t divulge into it.

Because, you know, in football the team plays. And when you want a result, you play as a whole team.

– On the route – two ambushes.

– It had 5 purposefully created divisions.

– Sabotage and reconnaissance groups – with a clear task.

– Yes, that is right, to destroy. The journey was supposed to be, in the eyes of the spies, one way.

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– They could have been lucky, when a tree is chopped, bits of wood fly.


Who told you that 37 people were involved?

– I can only say: what you observed is the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg would have struck those who were targets.

– First of all, the route was prepared. Four days of training on the site took place. We already had everything prepared.

– We had numerous contingency situations that arose before your entry to the territory of Donbass.

Vladimir Novikov

– Well, just sweeping …

– Well, there were different things, but generally, the situation.

– In this case – contactless.

– I’ll tell you … no one was engaged…

– Intel – Yes, that’s why I said it was non-contact.

– Except where there were two cars in the ditch … Perhaps, he did not notice. Well you noticed …

– Yes.

– (Silence)

– What conclusion would you arrive at? Those that you saw – the purpose of the cars was unknown. They are difficult to judge, so to speak. I just know Donbass. It is not the first time here, especially now during wartime. This does not happen: you go on the road and you abandoned the car. This simply did not happen here

– The scheme and routes were changed. 

– Yes.. And there were a certain few citizens who were rude  because we had to protect Joseph Davydovich from possible contact with these citizens.

– Yes. 

– Well, three people here were blocked and transferred to law enforcement agencies. We call them spies. One woman and two men.

– We had suspicions. There were questions that were not answered. And we gave these citizens to law enforcement authorities. And then let the police know about the situation and so on. I had no time for a slow dance, I was exhausted.

– Why? We obeyed orders.

– We listened, and were not disobedient. I had an objective which what was to bring Kobzon home safe – unharmed, without limitation of the activities of the country, avoiding any impacts.

And that’s it. The soft option would have cost us.

– Well, I think so, Yes.

– Well, just imagine, and this is my speculation, I could be wrong… But just imagine if they got Kobzon. God forbid if this happens… What next? It may be imagined that for the country it will be a shock, and really for the whole world. All civilized society knows him not just heard about some group of “Look at me in panties” – but as a master, as a legend of the Russian stage.

– (Long pause) We act on our own initiative.

– Well, of course!

– Yeah, so what? We did not keep anything from anyone, just about everything went without an issue… we were there to help, not hide. He just arrived – fulfilled the planned program, everything was quiet, peaceful and calm. And he is tired, but happy – and flew back to Moscow.

He’s alive and well.

– Of course – we were successful, drank champagne with him. And now I’m relaxed enough to give you an interview…

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