Ukrainian Wikileaks: CIA can’t control all the ISIS factions and the Turks elbowed the Russians for ISIS oil – Saakashvili


Left: Mikhail Saakashvili [M]. At right: Zurab Adeishvili [A]

November 25, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter, December 2, 2015
Note: We cannot attest that this is for real. After some discussion, though, we decided to post on the grounds that it is out there for the Russian-speaking world, and if you want to “read what Russia reads…” Further, events might prove it out.

Transcript of Conversation between M. Saakashvili and Zurab Adeishvili in the governor’s car

M. Zurab How you doing?

Man, you see what just happened?

A. Oh yeah! Everybody has,  how Erdogan knocked down the Russians!

Mikhail Nicolayevich, where are we headed?

M. Gene! wait outside for a bit while I talk to Zurab. Then we’ll go.

A. What’s going on, Misha, is a big war gonna start?

M. A general with CIA told me the Turks elbowed the Russians, and they have their reasons. Putin bombed the ISIS oil bases and blocked the contraband oil flow to the Turks. The Americans have been arming the Kurds, and Russia is also helping them make a Kurdistan, and Iran is gearing up now. So they wanted to hit back, and the Turks were actually there in ambush. 

With that downed aircraft, the Turks warned the Russians not to bomb Syrian Turkmen near the border and it’s got the Kurds scared. No one expected the terrorist attack in Paris, there are too many factions in the Islamic State and the CIA can’t control them all.

A. Then Misha, Russia could go to war, huge risk,  things will change?

M. Well, Let the war begin! It’s fine with us! But, actually nothing’s going to happen! Well there won’t be tourists going to Turkey, that’s all. Don’t forget, the Black sea is passing into the hands of Turkey. Right now the biggest problem is if France and Russia form a coalition. It’s really dangerous for us!

Yes, what I wanted! One guy Pankisi was coming back from there and was detained in Tbilisi, they intend to cite terrorism!

A. You were asking about Borchashvili, right?! Kezer (D. Kezerashvili, the former Defense Minister of Georgia) told me about him. I warned my guys and they will take action. The terrorism statute won’t stick on him, and the case will be closed.

Misha! And who are these people who, in the name of Allah, are threatening Georgia?

M. They’re such idiots anyway! One of them, Jemal, with our guys, was in al-Nusra. Then pledged allegiance to ISIL. United the locals and declared the establishment of the Vilayet of Gurjistan (Georgia). Can’t say how many of them. See how crazy these morons are acting? 

Let’s get down to business! How did you make out on those court deals?

A. The Case of Rustavi (Rustavi-2 TV company) will stretch out for a long time, will go to appeal and then the Supreme court. With Papuashvili (President of the constitutional court of Georgia) we have also agreed that the proceedings will go in the constitutional court. I will do all this, but Kezer tells me that he paid the judges the agreed amount. Also Nick (Gvaramia, general Director of Rustavi-2) calls me and says Bezhuashvili put up half of the money. What can I do? I can’t catch that David anywhere.

M. Wait, I’ll deal with that stuff! You, tell me what you’re doing about Burchuladze (Paata Burchuladze, famous Opera singer).

A. Our guys are on him. We’re presenting him as a third political force, but at the Fund they said it is bad for PR! But this is fixable, we’ll do it in the form of a coalition. You have to help so the Americans will support it.

M. Zura, take this trial under your personal control. These “Gircha Mirchi” should actively work with Burchuladze. This Vano, Machavariani’s brother, is making calf eyes, let them all get to work. Spread rumors that it’s an American project; the Americans have warned Penguin (Bidzina Ivanishvili real ruler of Georgia), and Burchuladze is coming to power, say so everywhere. 

I promised Paata that Gvaramia and Targamadze will do a PR program and TV Rustam-2 will be working for him. He also asked me for help in getting U.S. support. I promised that if he works hard, he’ll get it, and Kelly (Ambassador to Georgia) will openly support him. “Thank you, Mr. Misha,” the baritone said he!

What are you laughing at!

A. Oh just you wait! He’s such a dolt that is very funny!

M. Enough with the laughing! Not the time for it now! Tell me that Margvela (Giorgi Margvelashvili current President of Georgia) said?

A. Bokeria is aligned with Margvel — they are childhood friends. He promised to help Ugulava (Gigi Ugulava, who was arrested, former mayor of Tbilisi) come New Year, but he’s holding back. He says that we need to create the appropriate political environment and warm up to Vano (Merabishvili, the arrested former Prime Minister of Georgia) and others. We’ve got to declare that our guys who are behind bars are political prisoners. There’s already a legal scheme in readiness; we’ll also use the levers in Strasbourg.

M. At seven o’clock David (Sakvarelidze, Deputy General Prosecutor of Ukraine, Prosecutor of Odessa region) will be at my place, you too come at 8:30. We have to solve the “Port” problem and send a prosecutor there. Sakvarelidze in Dnepropetrovsk sent Gongadze, you know him. These bastards are not going to pay. We’ve got to think up with something! And this Rabbit Yatsinyuk generally acts insolent! 

A. Okay! I’ll be there for sure. 

M. Gene! Come on, quick, we’re outta here!


Editors note: Please check back soon for a translation of an interview with the founder of Ukrainian Wikileaks, which will allow you to make a better judgement about its trustworthiness. 

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