Unknown soldier commemorated in Donetsk


December 4, 2015 – 

Yulia Bekhtereva, Novorossia – 

Translated for Fort Russ by J. Arnoldski

“Nobody forgotten, nothing forgotten. Tribute paid to the memory of the unknown soldier in Donetsk”

On December 3, in a windy, raining, and snowing Donetsk, Russian and Novorossiyan flags were hoisted by those gathered in the Leninist Komsomol Park at the memorial to the liberators of Donbass. Bad weather did not prevent both student fraternities or the older generation from coming here to honor the memory of the unknown soldier and to lay flowers and wreaths. 

The Great Patriotic War alone took the lives of millions of soldiers who defended every little corner of the great Soviet Union. The war did not ask their names and the earth from the Volga to the Carpathians and from Brest to Berlin still carries the remains of Soviet people, heroes, whose names or last minutes are not known. 

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This year, the Donetsk People’s Republic took the initiative to hold a day of commemoration of the unknown soldier. Last year, events dedicated to this day were held for the first time in Russia on the order of the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. 

The date of December 3 is no coincidence. On this day in 1966 the 25th anniversary of the defeat of German troops near Moscow was commemorated and the ashes of the unknown soldier were solemnly buried by the Kremlin wall in Alexander Garden. 

“Today from eleven to two o’clock the All-Russian Public Organization of Veterans “Fighting Brotherhood of Russia” is holding events dedicated to this day on Poklonnaya hill. We decided to seize the initiative and give tribute to those soldiers whose names have been erased by history, but whose feats are eternal. Our organization invited youth to participate because they should remember, appreciate, and know that the people who were killed were sacred, and we should bow before them,” the co-founder of the public organization “Patriots of Novorossiya”, Valery Antipov, said. 

In the Soviet film “Love on their own,” the following dialogue took place between two heroes: “Well, there’s no surname, because they are ordinary. But if this was some kind of general major, then a surname would instantly appear and a separate monument would have been constructed.” “But why then in all countries is their a tomb honoring the unknown soldier? For those who gave their life for their land and didn’t leave footprints on this earth. All generals, prime ministers, kings, and ministers all bring flowers to the tomb of the unknown soldier.” 

We should remember their selfless heroism as we are ourselves living through a war and we know many examples when men put their lives at risk. And thanks to the unselfish work of public organizations, historical justice is being restored and, most importantly,future generations will learn of the exploits of the soldiers who, although unknown, sacrificed their lives for our lives and freedom.

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