Washington Times: U.S. Does Not Want To Bomb ISIS Media Headquarters


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

17th December, 2015


American intelligence has at their disposal a map with the exact coordinates of the centres that create “sophisticated” propaganda for the group “Islamic State” (IS, is prohibited in the Russian Federation), according to the Washington Times, citing anonymous sources.

According to some reports, ISIS media centres are located on the territory controlled by the terrorist group. However, according to a source to the Washington Times, the Obama administration are in “fierce debate” about whether to bomb them.

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According to the newspaper, the media centres of the IS are located in areas with residential developments, and the White House doesn’t want to strike these objects, as it follows a strategy for minimizing civilian casualties. So, the Washington Post wrote about the “headquarters-media division” of ISIS near Aleppo. According to refugees, this “two-storey house is in a residential area, and is filled with equipment of the highest standard”.

In addition, if these media centres are destroyed, intelligence agencies will lose the opportunity of further study, the article notes. The White House said that we should continue to observe these objects to better understand the operation of the group and its media enterprises.

Moreover, as was reported, the U.S. wish to block extremist material on the Internet and issue counter-propaganda against ISIS to be distributed through partners in various parts of the world. Critics, however, indicate that the U.S. is poorly funded to follow through with these plans, while the media centres, which produce the most influential propaganda of the Islamic State, remain intact.

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