20+ New Military Installations Built in Crimea in 2015


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

31st January, 2016


In total, for the year 2015, in the territory of the Crimean Federal district, 23 new facilities have entered into operation, including 25 buildings and constructions, with nine buildings under construction for assembly work.

Most military installations inherited from the former authorities of the Peninsula did not meet even the most minimum of requirements that apply to residential or household premises, parking lots and storage facilities.

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Rebuilding it all the same way would have cost a lot of money, so it was easier to build the military camps again with the use of new technologies.

The construction of the military facilities is being carried out in Novorossiysk. Construction of mooring lanes for new ships at the naval base of the Black Sea fleet in Novorossiysk is almost completed, and today they can build new generation of ships.

The total length of already built protective structures is almost 2.5 km, the construction is carried out at depths up to 27 meters. The length and depth of these structures are among the top five largest hydraulic installations in the world. In addition, at Novorossiysk’s Geoport, the headquarters of the Novorossiysk naval base are being built.

Also, the reconstruction of eight berths and six military towns in Crimea and Sevastopol is planned, and two airfields will be reconstructed for the basing of new aircraft.

Plans continue on the construction of housing for servicemen, completion of works on the designing of reconstruction of the main hospital fleet, and the beginning of reconstruction of the military sanatorium “Crimea” in Partenit.

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