3000 Residents Participate in Anti-Fascist March in Lugansk


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

30th January 2016


Approximately three thousand people from the capital and regions of the LPR participated in the “anti-Fascist march” in Lugansk, devoted to the 73rd anniversary of the Red Army’s liberation of Lugansk (Voroshilovgrad) oblast from fascist invaders. The ‘lug-info’ correspondent reported from the event.

The main purpose of the march, organized by activists via social networks, was the protest of the inhabitants of LPR against neo-fascist regime in Kiev, who unleashed a fratricidal war in Donbass.

“You know, these days history repeats itself. At this period of time, our army continues the fight, but from neo-fascist invaders of the Ukrainian junta. And at the moment, 14 districts of the Luhansk region have been released from the Nazis. In the spring of 2014, Lugansk and Donetsk raised up against fascists, and this resistance still continues. Today, residents of Lugansk and the Lugansk People’s Republic have gathered here to march and express another protest against what the Ukrainian government is doing to us,” said an activist of the youth movement Vladimir Pustovoitenko to ‘lug-info’.

“Personally, I remember my history, I’m proud of it. How the Soviet soldiers protected us, now we are protected by soldiers of the Lugansk People’s Republic, and I hope that in the future, they will free our territory”, explained Diana Kovalev, a participant of the march.

The column of marchers stretched for several hundred meters, from the memorial to the fighters of the revolution of the Eternal flame through the main streets of the city to the monument to the residents of Luhansk region who fell at the hands of the Nazis-nationalists from the OUN-UPA.

Near the monument, the activists of the march asked for a minute of silence in memory of those who died for the freedom of the Lugansk region, after which the floor was taken by the Chairman of the LPR Council of veterans, Mikhail Gaydukov. He expressed gratitude to the youth of the Republic for the fact that they do not forget its history and the honor of the victory of their grandfathers.

“Dear residents of Lugansk and the Lugansk People’s Republic! Today we hold a rally for the period when the Stalingrad battle began, when hundreds of young were tortured and thrown into the pit. We are located near the monument, which is dedicated to the young Lugansk citizens who died in the territory of Western Ukraine where they went to teach children and to treat people, but were tortured by Bandera offspring. This should not be forgotten,” said Gaydukov.

“On behalf of the veterans Council would like to wish you all courage and good health. And, I think with such young people we can build a truly free country,” he added.

Ending the event, activists of Lugansk passed the baton to commemorate the day of liberation of the cities and regions of Voroshilovgrad oblast by representatives of the regions of the LPR.

“I already mentally know what route we will take our march”, – said the representative of the territorial branch of the Association of youth of Antratsitovsky district of Luhansk region, Yevgeny Poddubny.

“The good news is that today, not only young people are here, but also representatives of all generations, and this suggests that people have confirmed the correctness of their choice made at the referendum when we said “NO” to fascism. We are proud of our decision, we are proud that they are building a young state, in which everyone who wants to can contribute. And together we are all responsible for this state,” said Poddubny.

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