6 Weaknesses of the F-35

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

18th January, 2016


The American F-35 fighter jet, which the USA had high hopes for, has serious shortcomings, according to the columnist of the magazine American Thinker.

According to the publication, the 180 built fighter jets can’t fight and need to be modified. To date, the F-35 has at least six serious shortcomings.

“Ten years after the first flight of the F-35, its development is still not yet completed, although 180 of the aircraft have already been built. None of them can fight, each will have to be modified for a final version to be ready. It doesn’t make much sense, because the F-35 does have some disadvantages, which will instantly destroy it in practice”, quotes RIA Novosti from American Thinker.

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The first disadvantage the publication considers is the unreliability of the engine. It’s big, hot and heavy, notes the American Thinker. In addition, the engine has several limitations, because of which the designers, in 2012, had to reduce the permissible overload when turning from 9 to 4.6 g, and increase the acceleration time from 0.8 Mach to 1.2 Mach by 8 seconds.

The F-35 requires a runway of at least 2.5 kilometers, while the minimum strip length for the same F-16 is less than a kilometer. This is another disadvantage of the new American fighter.

Another weakness of the F-35 is the cost of an hour of flight, which is 50 thousand dollars. This price is unlikely to allow pilots to fly enough hours to improve skills, the newspaper notes.

The fourth disadvantage is the lack of manoeuvrability of the fighter. Designed as light bomber, the F-35 is inferior to its predecessors, created half a century ago. Modern fighters bypass the new combat vehicle with ease.

Another serious drawback of the F-35 is its use in hot countries. The fighting vehicle uses the fuel to cool the electronics. If it is too warm, a possibility in particular climatic conditions, the jet will not be able to start.

The sixth disadvantage that the American Thinker considers is the dependence of the fighter from the Web. For the F-35 to be displayed on a centralized logistics system in the USA, it needs an Internet connection, otherwise it will not be able to fly.

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