Ankara Residents Side With Russia, Turn On Erdogan


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

6th January, 2016


Relations between Moscow and Ankara soured in late November, when the Turkish fighter brought down a Russian su-24 bomber in the skies over Syria.

On the morning of the 24th November, the Turkish air force’s actions led to a crisis in relations of Moscow and Ankara. LifeNews has learned what could be the termination of cooperation for Turkey is appreciated by its citizens.

“Erdogan considers us fools and wants to make fools of heads of other countries. I believe that Putin was right, the Russian plane was shot down over the territory of Syria, said a resident of Ankara.

The lack of an apology from Ankara has surprised even residents of Turkey.

“The government that is now in power in Turkey is doing everything for its own benefit, we support the policy of Russia in the struggle with terrorists, in the fight against Daesh, we know that Turkey supports to some extent the terrorists of Daesh. Russia did not violate the airspace, Russia is our main partner, Turkey needs to apologize, ” said the resident of Ankara.

From the start the Turkish Government did not even begin to admit their mistake. President Erdogan continues to insist that the air force did the right thing by shooting down the Russian Su-24, and urged residents to be proud of the actions of the Turkish military. But for the stab in the back from Turkey was followed by a direct answer by Russia, who instructed Russian tour operators to suspend the sale of permits. The treachery of Erdogan was felt by the residents of Turkey.

“Hotels in Antalya are in a panic, and do not know what to do. We sent the inhabitants of Turkey on river cruises to the Volga, Moscow and St. Petersburg, this is very bad, we seem to have been cut with a knife,” admitted Servet Alioglu, the Manager of the travel agency.

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The crisis in hotels in Turkey are now more invisible as it is not the season. But in the spring, for example, the budget of Antalya province will be short of about 6.5 billion dollars, while the Federal Tourism Agency assures Turkey that the Russians will replace the Mediterranean and the Black Sea resorts.

Since 2010, a visa-free regime between Turkey and Russia had operated. Now it has been cancelled. In addition, this year saw the restriction of the importation of vegetables, fruits, poultry, salt, grapes, strawberries from Turkey. On wholesale bases Istanbul merchants suffered millions in losses.

Unlike the ruling party, the Prime Minister Davutoglu and President Erdogan, the opposition and some experts have adequately assessed the reason for the deterioration of Russian-Turkish relations.

“The crisis with Russia harms all of us, all the people will pay for it, not Erdogan, who hides in his warm Palace, they are trying to portray heroism,” said Haluk Kotch from the Republican people’s party.

The discontent of the citizens is something the Turkish Government tries to suppress, and at rallies and pickets the police acts tough.

As in a mirror, the decisions of the politicians are reflected in the Russian-Turkish families. Disagreements between spouses can occur, for example, because of problems with businesses. The family of Kawas-Skulnyh lives in Antalya, but now have to choose a neutral territory. The husband and wife are patriots, each of their country.

“My husband will not be able to work there, I can’t live here, because I will always defend their point of view, so I will be forced to move to another country,” said Tatiana Shkurina.

Arakis and his family lives in Moscow. The couple began to quarrel because of TV — Yunus wants to watch Turkish TV, with his wife insisting on Russian television. Both claim that small differences are only within the family, and that the threshold of the crisis of Russo-Turkish relations have not yet been noticed.

Meanwhile, the President and the Turkish Government pretend the rupture of relations with Russia is not critical for them, and finding the same partner is not a problem. However, the attempt to preserve their credibility before the people only worsens the real picture in the country.

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