Austria Strengthens Border, Restricts Schengen

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

16th January, 2016


The Austrian authorities are limiting the effect of the Schengen agreement by imposing enhanced checks on all persons entering the country, said Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann.

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“Everyone who is coming to us are intensely tested,” said the Chancellor in an interview with the newspaper ‘Oesterreich’, which will be published in the Sunday edition.

He added that as a result the Schengen rules will be “temporarily weakened”. According to him, the authorities are implementing this “because like Germany, it is hard to control the borders and deport refugees“. Thus, according to the politician, people who do not have the rights of the refugees or do not declare their respective petitions in Austria, will be sent back.

On the border they have a duty to have a valid ID and present it to the authorities. And if the EU does not do this, not protecting the borders, Schengen is put into question. Then each country should control their national borders,” added the Chancellor.

Earlier it was reported that a number of European countries, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, had temporarily reinstated border controls at the border to restrict the inflow of refugees to their countries. According to the EU border agency Frontex, in 2015 more than 1.2 million migrants entered the EU. The European Commission said that the current migration crisis in the world is the largest since the Second world war. 

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