Azov to meet in Nantes! Are we back to Vichy France?

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In Russie Politics, January 8, 2016

Translated from French by Tom Winter

Nantes, this beautiful bourgeois town, invites within its walls the meeting of Azov battalion. This battalion, rampant in Ukraine with its Nazi insignia, to the delight of European democracy. 

It appears that the executioners are more attractive than the victims.

On January 16, Nantes will witness the meeting of the Azov battalion, the bloodthirsty battalion that has been incorporated into the Ukrainian National Guard. Here is their badge:

Mirror image of “Das Reich”

Different videos circulate showing the atrocities committed by the battalion. In particular, the hacker group Cyberberkut has released a video showing them burning a gagged “separatist” alive.

We also remember the summary executions of prisoners in the territories they controlled in the Donbass. German television during a report showed the Nazi insignia of its members. This is also the Battalion that makes night-time torchlight parades to scare people. The last took place in Mariupol [more pictures and videos at site]:

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Does Nantes want to give to the people of the city spectacles like this?

Nantes was occupied during the Second World War; Nantes was bombed by the allies. 700 of our buildings and apartment complexes were destroyed. Nearly 2,000 people died. We had to rebuild the city.

And Nantes invites Azov, a Nazi military group, to meet in its walls. Azov, a group banned, precisely because it is Nazi, in Canada, the United States, and of course in Russia.

Even the CRIF* is concerned, citing the Anglo-Saxon press, which with one voice calls this a neo-Nazi battalion. Only the French press seems  to be unconcerned.

And finally, what can a neo-Nazi military battalion bring the city of Nantes and its inhabitants? Explaining their torture techniques? How to make explosives with what you can find in the garage? How terrorize opponents to the point they feel they must hide like rats?

This will certainly be a rare moment of culture and politics.

Long live France! Vive Vichy!

* Conseil représentatif des institutions juives de France

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