Berlin Prosecutor States Their Version of Events Regarding 13 Year Old Girl From Russia

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

30th January, 2016

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The heroine who became the center of an international scandal, a 13-year-old resident of Berlin with Russian roots  – Lisa, spent a night at her friends, reports RIA Novosti quoting the representative of the Berlin Prosecutor – Martin Steltner.

We were able to recover data from the girl’s mobile phone, which led to a certain person that we have been able to identify. This 19-year-old man, a German citizen, a German, is a friend of hers. She was looking for him, so to speak, for asylum. This shows, obviously, there are problems at school,” said Steltner.

As was declared in the office of public Prosecutor of Berlin, the police found some things of Lisa’s in the young man’s apartment, who is living with his mother. The boy and his mother are currently listed as witnesses, but are not accused of anything. However, as was noted by Steltner, the young man did not tell his mother that Lisa is only 13 years old. The woman thought that the girl was older.

“We conducted a search of the witnesses, interviewed them, they told us what happened – we reason to doubt. We have no indications of sexual contact, or indications of a sexual offence”, — said the representative of the Prosecutor’s office.

However, he stressed that the situation with the other 19-year-old girl friend and the investigation of two other suspects are two totally different things. Currently the Prosecutor’s office continues to check previously detained people who may be involved in the disappearance of Lisa.

Earlier in the report, the TV channel “Russia 1”, according to the aunt of the girl, spoke about the kidnapping and rape of the child migrant. The police of Berlin, after some time, declared that there was no rape or abduction, and were not releasing any details.

As was reported by RIA Novosti, the girl got German citizenship at the Russian Embassy in Berlin.

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, said that the investigation of the sexual crime must triumph, and stressed that information about the incident has, for unknown reasons, long disappeared from the German authorities. He also expressed hope that Germany will manage to overcome the crisis with the influx of migrants, “without significant losses”. In response, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier has accused Lavrov of meddling in the internal affairs of Germany.

On Wednesday, Steinmeier said that the German Foreign Ministry will give the Russian Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany the necessary information in connection with the incident.

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