Chechen Sbarro Workers Ask Kadyrov for Help With Wage Dispute


Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

7th January, 2016


Pizza chain “Sbarro” has hurt the Chechens. And they went straight to Ramzan Kadyrov with a request to punish them. In particular, Roza Aliyeva is very aggrieved. I think the leadership of “Sbarro” don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

To Clarify: It was the Chechens who worked in the “Sbarro” network of restaurants who were not paid a salary. This was stated in a letter to employees. 

“We are pleased to report the major fact of fraud by the owners of the holding company “planet of Hospitality”, which has for over a year delayed wages to employees of restaurants “Sbarro” in Moscow and other regions of the Russian Federation”,  said the letter.

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It notes that the former “Sbarro” employee  (part of holding company “Planet of Hospitality”) Roza Aliyeva, who represents “the interests of employees of the Chechen Republic” and has worked in the restaurant for four years, had not received wages for six months. It also reports about “her countrymen who were victims of the fraudulent activities of the holding”.

“At the moment, Roza Aliyeva and her compatriots are stranded, with no means of livelihood. Among the aforementioned citizens are elderly people,” — noted the staff of the network.

Kadyrov asked for the “situation to be dealt with and the restoration of justice in relation to migrant natives of the Chechen Republic” and other Russian citizens. 

Workers of “Sbarro” conducted a strike due to salary debts. Some staff were not paid salaries for six months. Some of the protesters announced an indefinite hunger strike. On 30th December the central office of “Sbarro” in Moscow was the scene of a rally. About 20 people demanded to be paid their salaries.

The company knows about the situation, said the representative of the press service, Yulia Ispanskaya. According to her, the debt will be paid, and now the staff have begun to receive weekly payments. 

I think that this will not change the situation. In the near future the “Sbarro” network will have a new bearded owner. 

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