“Cologne Rapes Are Putin’s Handiwork” – Activist

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Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ

10th January, 2016


You may be surprised, but the well-known new year event regarding the participation of Muslim migrants in Cologne, was at the hands of Vladimir Putin. At least that’s what the representative of the Russian opposition activist Katerina Maldon thinks.

The lady known as a fervent supporter of the Maidan, Russophobic on the verge of insanity and participates in all imaginable and unimaginable protests, no matter what name, as long as it’s against Putin.

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And now, when the topic of the “night rape” rages in the media, Madam Maldon decided to remind us by making a very peculiar chain of reasoning, that “Putin is to blame”. Well of course, standing at the Maidan does not go unnoticed.

I am learning (in Germany) Deutsche (German language) together with the Syrians. They’re the majority there, as is the case elsewhere among migrants,” Katerina began her narration.

“But the language Oh, how difficult. Especially for reading and pronunciation, to understand more requires you to study all the time. With Arabic, then German, uhhhh…

Why am I saying this? Here is why. Never, under no drugs, not in any fairytaile could a syrian refugee after Frau Merkel invited him could, spontaneously without preparation, tell this phrase to the policemen, to BLURT out to a COP the PHRASE: “Ich bin Syrer, ihr müsst mich freundlich behandeln! Frau Merkel hat mich eingeladen!“ (“I’m a Syrian, you should be kind to me! Frau Merkel invited me!“). And you had to say it so that you would be understood by the police and other onlookers, including a bunch of journalists, who could spread this phrase across 200 news outlets, no actually across 200 thousand links online including Runet (Russian internet).

The Germans have been shown the culprit before the elections. And her name is Merkel (for the very dumb they said it literally and spread across the world multiple times). If I were the police I would pay close attention at this provocateur. He was caught redhanded! Who benefits? Take three guesses, the first letter is H,” (in Russian, or D as in dickface in english), concluded the goddess of logic Katerina Maldon, pointing to a swear word which is often found in the national Ukrainian folklore regarding the Russian president.

And if you are looking for missing links in the chain of reasoning, you are a shameless “Vatnik”, which has long put trust in Kremlin propaganda. 

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