CRIF weighs in about neo-nazi Azov meeting in France

“Svoboda, the new nightmare of CRIF”

Français.RT, January 7, 2016
Translated from French by Tom Winter, January 9, 2016
See also Azov, Nantes .

The infamous paramilitary organization, Azov, which played a role in the Ukrainian “revolution,” is booked to hold a meeting in Nantes on January 16th. A fact that the CRIF (Representational Council of Jewish Organizations in France) views with alarm.  

An openly neo-Nazi organization that meets in Nantes? And so CRIF is concerned. Shimon Samuels, Director for International Relations of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, has written a letter to the mayor of Nantes, Johanna Roland. He is troubled over the “worrying meeting” to be held Saturday, January 16 on the property of an elected official. “It is organized by militants of the Azov battalion, a Ukrainian military unit”.

No position on the Ukrainian conflict 

Samuels is careful not to take a position on the conflict between the Ukrainian government and separatists in the East: “The Centre takes no position on the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. We are concerned about rumors that these volunteers would be of the Neo-Nazi persuasion. Canada and the United States have already prohibited any formations of this unit, which they seem to actually classify as neo-Nazis. ” It must be said that the Azov battalion has held a parade in the center of Mariupol, chanting, “We are chasing you.” Chasing who? Anyone who does not think like them.

The release of CRIF cited several statements by British correspondents, including The Guardian and The Telegraph: 
“A majority of the members of this unit can fit under the the name of neo-Nazis.” 

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A selection : 

  • “They elevate Hitler to the rank of great military leader and deny the existence of the Holocaust.”
  • “They see Putin as a Jew.” 
  • “One of their emblems is a Wolfsangel and they tattoo themselves with swastikas.” 
  • “Colonel Andriy Biletskiy, head of their unit, said that its historic mission is ‘a crusade against the Semite-led Untermenschen’ and’ ‘the struggle for the liberation of all the white race’ ‘He threatens stark punishment for sexual perversions and interracial relationships. “

Notice overseas

Samuels also refers to an American university professor. Specifically the safety specialist at the University of New York, Mark Galeotti. He considers this battalion as “a magnet that attracts fringe elements across Ukraine and elsewhere.”

We note that the CRIF protests against the coming of Azov battalion in France while several Jewish personalities, including Bernard-Henri Lévy, overwhelmingly supported the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych, while as many sources pointed the finger of reponsibility for this ‘revolution’ at the Azov Battalion and the Svoboda party, or the Right Sector [Pravy Sektor], led by Dmytro Yarosh. Dmytro Yarosh is the same man who was appointed in March 2015, to be Adviser at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, responsible in particular for the integration of volunteer battalions of the Right Sector into the regular army.

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