Crimea Prime Minister: Khersonese unlucky in their country

Screen capture from source, January 5, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter

Original headline: The head of the Crimea: the Khersonese are unlucky with their country

Sergey Aksenov Prime Minister of Crimea, commented on the start-up of deliveries of Russian gas from the peninsula to the south of the neighboring country. “The people of Ukraine and the Government of Ukraine – two completely different things. And we are ready to support the population of Ukraine in this difficult period. They are not strangers to us, regardless of nationality, just people who also want to live in a normal and prospering country. Unfortunately, things aren’t going as well for them as for us. 

“But we believe that regardless of the relationship between the government of Ukraine and our leadership, the citizens of Ukraine do not have to suffer,” said Aksenov. 

As previously reported on January 2, in Genichesk, due to a sharp decrease in temperature the pressure fell off in the city’s pipeline. The gas pressure was not enough to ensure the work of the autonomous heaters for 1.8 thousand residents of apartment buildings, as well as for 400 subscribers in the private sector.

According to available information, on the evening January 4, 1.5 thousand subscribers were left without gas. According to the head of the Crimea, already about 14 thousand cubic meters of gas has been delivered to Genichesk. 

“They have double the pressure now in the system, I just checked with the Chornomornaftohaz [Black Sea Natural Gas] management.” And the fact that they have turned the truth upside down, this is a common story for the Ukrainian propaganda machine. They lie to try to keep up appearances. Don’t pay it any attention” said Aksenov re the denial of supplies of Russian gas from Naftogaz.” 

Aksenov recalled that gas was delivered from the Crimea in the south of Ukraine in the past year. Deliveries are organized on request of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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